The Lip Cheat - Overline Your Lips

The Lip Cheat – Overline Your Lips

So you don’t have perfectly plump lips like Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner? Well, don’t worry because most of us don’t either. Come to think of it, even Kylie Jenner doesn’t have Kylie Jenner’s lips. Sure she got lip fillers but she also uses a technique called overlining her lips. It is basically a trick that allows you to slightly increase the size of your lips without having to get expensive and painful lip fillers.

So what you do is simple …. when you line your lips, do so just outside the natural line. And keep in mind when I say outside your natural line, I mean slightly outside the line. Don’t go all crazy and try and draw yourself new lips. You’ll only end up looking like a clown.

overline lips

Remember you don’t want to go crazy with over-lining your lips. Less is more!


The Lip Cheat – Overline Your Lips

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  2. People give Kylie Jenner so much crap about her lips but I’ll be honest, if I had that kind of money I would gets fillers in my lips too. But for now I guess I’ll try this trick and see if it works.

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