14 Ways to Know if a Man Loves You

14 Ways to Know if a Man Loves You

Love is a complex mix of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person. It can also include deep romantic or sexual attraction.

Love can be an intense and powerful emotion that can change the way we think and behave, and it can have a profound impact on our lives. It can bring people together and create a strong bond between them, and it can be an important factor in building and maintaining healthy and fulfilling relationships.


There are many different ways to define and experience love, and it can mean different things to different people. Some people may define love as a strong affection for another person, while others may see it as a deep romantic or sexual connection. Some people may also define love in terms of selfless acts of care and concern for another person, while others may see it as a feeling of acceptance and understanding. Ultimately, love is a multifaceted and complex emotion that can be difficult to define but is an important part of many people’s lives.

Figuring out if somebody loves you or not can be a tricky situation. Between possibly misreading situations, mixed signals, and jumbled emotions, it’s never easy to figure out how somebody else feels about you. And, if you’re considering a relationship,  it is a critical question to find the answer to.

There are a few definite hints that can tell you if a man loves you, and hopefully, these indicators can lead you in the right direction.

14 Ways To Know If A Man Loves You

Here are the fourteen ways that can help you figure out if a man loves you or not:

1. He Puts You Before Anything

One of the most prominent signs that a man loves you is the way that he treats you. If he puts you before everything, then he most definitely cares for you. If he considers your opinion in making decisions, tells you personal details he doesn’t freely give to others, and puts your feelings before his, he definitely has a lot of faith and trust in you. It can be a sure sign that he is in love with you. So, if you think you know a man who treats you like this, pay close attention, because he may just love you.


2. He Always Compliments You

Compliments are an easy way to express your affection for somebody, be it familial, platonic, or romantic. If you think a man likes you, pay attention to the things he says. If he compliments you often, be it about how you dress, talk, gesticulate, or even the things you talk about, he may just have feelings for you. After all, compliments are an easy way to draw someone’s attention to your feelings.

3. He Tries To Be Around You Often

Another prominent indicator that a man loves you is how much time he wants to spend with you. If he’s constantly texting or calling asking if you want to hang out, or inviting you to places or events, there is a pretty significant chance that he harbors feelings for you– especially if you are his first choice. Because he cares for you, he wants to spend as much time around you as possible because he enjoys your presence. If you have a man in your life that is always aching to be around you, pay attention to any other signs he may be letting on.

4. You Feel Comfortable Around Him

When you care for somebody, you go out of your way to make sure that they are comfortable and safe in your company. Therefore, if a man goes out of his way to make sure that you are secure around him, he definitely cares for you. So, pay attention to the little things that he does when you’re around him that make you feel so comforted by his presence.

5. He Participates In Your Interests

If a man likes you, he will try and take part in your interests, even if he himself doesn’t like them. Be it your favorite bands, TV shows, movies, or hobbies, he will attempt to participate alongside you. He will try and talk to you about them, plan events and gifts around them, and generally just try to show that he listens to you about the things you enjoy. He wants your attention, and even if he doesn’t share your interests, he cares enough about you to heed them anyway.

6. He Understands Your Wants

When you love somebody, you do your best to understand what they want from life and their plans for the future. Love is all about caring for each other, and that means being considerate of each other’s goals and values. If he likes you, he will ensure that you stay reasonably devoted to what you want from life. If you know a man like this, it is a sure sign that he cares deeply for you.

7. He Considers Your Advice

If you want to know if a man likes you, pay attention to how he talks about you and reacts to any advice you give him. If he takes it seriously and considers it as a viable option, he undoubtedly cares deeply about your opinion. Be it a simple ask about his appearance or a big one about his career, if he takes your words into serious consideration, there is no question as to whether he likes you or not. You only truly consider the advice of those you care for, after all.

8. He Looks Forward To A Future With You

If a man is truly in love with you, he will want a long-lasting future by your side. He may not express it directly to you, but he will talk about it with somebody, be it his closest friends or family. So, if you catch wind that a man you know talks quite a bit about you to others, it is a sure sign that he likes you. After all, to desire, such a thing means that he loves and accepts you for the way you are and wants you to be by his side for the long haul.

9. He Remembers The Little Things About You

Whether it’s your favorite brand of mascara, your pet’s birthday, or your preferred comfort food, if he loves you, he will pay attention to these things and remember them. He will want to remind you about class schedules and doctor’s appointments or invite you to your favorite restaurants because he cares about you and wants to be involved in your life by showing that he loves even the little things about you. It is a surefire way to recognize a man’s feelings for you because you have to care deeply for somebody to be able to recall such minute details.

10. He Gets Jealous When You Are Around Other Men

It’s natural to feel some sense of jealousy when somebody you love is giving their attention to somebody else, and if a man around you is showing signs of this, it is pretty safe to say that he harbors some feelings for you. When you love somebody, you want to be the sole receiver of their time and affection, and when that is given to someone else, it can be upsetting. Pay attention to his behavior, and if he’s always right by you and drawing your attention in some way, he definitely likes you.

11. He Always Has Your Back

Whether it’s making sure that you’re safe late at night and out in public or caring for you when you’re sick, he will always want to be there to support you if he loves you. He will do his best to make sure that you are alright, even at your lowest points. And, if he really cares for you, he will want to be the first person standing at your back on your bad days. It’s easy to judge others when they’re in need, but the people who reach out to you when you need them the most are those that love you the greatest: friends, family, and even the man who likes you.

12. He Talks Kindly About You

Another key sign to recognize is to pick up on how he talks about you when you aren’t around. If a man loves you, he will always have something good to say to his friends and family and will even bring you up in conversation often. He will also ensure that nobody else says anything unkind about you, protecting your honor because he cares, not because he’s around. 

Ask his close friends and family what he thinks about you because the way he talks about you when you aren’t around will shine through in their answers. If he loves you, he’ll be singing nothing but praises.

13. He Willingly Sacrifices Things For You

It can be difficult to find people in your life who will willingly give up their personal comfort to care for you. Even amongst blood relatives, it can be hard to find. But love means that you will gladly sacrifice to make the one you care for happy and to make sure they’re well taken care of. If he wants to get up early in the mornings to drop you off somewhere or goes out of his way to make sure you have what you need despite how it may inconvenience him. If you have a man in your life who does that for you, he definitely has feelings for you.

14. He Expresses His Love

If a man has feelings for you, he will outwardly express his affections. Be it in little acts like buying you gifts or spending time with you, or professing his love directly. If you think a man in your life loves you, reach out to him and ask him. If he wants you, he will answer honestly. It may be awkward, he may hesitate, but the truth will prevail. Asking close friends and family, with whom he will confide in, is another viable option. After all, he could have reached out to them to ask if you return his feelings before he expresses them to you. At the end of the day, if he loves you, he will say as much.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the most effective ways to tell if a man loves you or not, according to relationship experts. They aren’t the only ways, of course, but keep an eye on the men closest to you because you may just be surprised at what you find.

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14 Ways to Know if a Man Loves You

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