4 Signs That Your Man is Cheating on You

4 Signs That Your Man is Cheating on You

Is your man cheating on you? I think that we often suspect a man is cheating, long before we catch him at it. There is that inner something that tells us that something just isn’t right. So what are some signs to look for?

First is look at his grooming habits.

Does he suddenly start taking better care of himself? Is he wearing more aftershave than normal? Is he brushing his teeth more than he did before? If his grooming habits have changed for the better than you probably have some cause for concern. Even if he hasn’t cheated yet, this is most defiantly a sign that someone has caught his interest and he wants to impress her.


Has he started dressing better?

If he starts caring about the type of underwear he is wearing or all of the sudden goes from a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy to wearing nice clothes at work, you might want ask yourself why? A guy doesn’t just change the type of clothes he wears for no reason.

Is he suddenly over protective of his phone, wallet or computer?

I wouldn’t want my husband going through my purse but if he wanted to, he could. I don’t really have anything to hide except maybe some tampons in there. To me a person should respect your privacy but if he ever felt the need to check on me, he could. I get that. I have nothing to hide, so I have no problem with him going through my things. If all of the sudden your man decides he does have a problem with you looking at his phone, in his wallet or his computer, you really have to ask yourself what he doesn’t want you to see. If you start to notice secretive behavior, find out why. Look at your cell phone bill. If all of the sudden your cell phone bill no longer lists off each call … you really need to find out what’s going on. Seriously! The only reason to turn that off is that he doesn’t want you to know who he’s been talking or texting.

Is he restless or anxious?

You know how when you first start a new relationship you want to spend every moment with them and have sex like 500 times a day? Well if a man is cheating on you, that means he’s in the new part of a relationship and is anxious to be with her. That means when he’s with you he may appear restless or per-occupied because his mind might be on her. While it’s true this behavior could be due to stress at work, it in conjunction with the other signs, could also signal problems in your relationship. So pay attention.



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4 Signs That Your Man is Cheating on You

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