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What is meant to be will be

What is meant to be will be

Dear Tracy, do you believe in fate and destiny?  I have a friend who talks about it all the time but I’m not really even sure I fully understand what it is all about.  What do you think?

Do I believe in it? TOTALLY.  100% yes!   But do let me explain specifically what I mean by that.  I believe that there are certain fated events, that despite our best efforts they are going to happen, one way or another.  Beyond that I believe that for the most part, we are free to make whatever decisions we want – I do believe in free will and I think for the most part we decide how we are going to live our lives.

But then there is the big picture.  While we make the day-to-day decisions on everything from what to wear, what to cook for dinner that night, and so on, in the end, it all leads and fits into your destined path.  I think there are probably certain events “the fates” want for us and we can work toward our destined path and make things easy on us, or we can ignore the signs and do whatever the hell we want, fates me damned.  This would be the rough path.  In the end, we are all going to reach what we were destined for.  The question really then is, how will we get there?  That is where free will comes in.


So for what it is worth, those are my views on fate and destiny.

My mother used to say that what was meant to be.  And by that, she means that if a relationship was meant to be, it will be no matter what or how bad you try and mess it up.  Sure you can decide to make it easier on you by making different decisions or doing different things.


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Tracy Tegan
Tracy Tegan has spent the last seventeen years as a professional blogger about relationships, dating, and issues pertaining to gender equality at In her spare time, she writes romance novels that are available at Amazon.  You can check out Tracy Tegan's latest romance novel, Crescent Moon at Amazon.

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What is meant to be will be

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