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5 Questions To Reveal The Truth – Does Your Boyfriend Know You?

You can be with someone for months or even years, but they still don’t know you. That leads us to ask, does my boyfriend know me?

Relationships are very complicated, not as simple as they seem to be, because choosing a partner to spend your entire life with is the most important decision of someone’s life. Some girls often get into this discussion about whether their boyfriend knows them or not because of several reasons. 

Sometimes because of someone’s advice and sometimes because of their observations. Getting answers to this question is very difficult to directly approach your boyfriend for the true answers. 

To make it easy for you we have compiled several studies and expert opinions to make sure that you get the answers you deserve. Before getting to our answers, it is important to know whether it is worth the risk that your boyfriend knows that you doubt his love and doubt whether he loves you or not. 

Knowing The Truth | 5 Questions To Know Does Your Boyfriend Know Your: 

  • Past Relationships & Reasons For The Breakup
  • Inquire About His Commitments 
  • Inquire About His Personality 
  • Inquire About Your Importance 
  • Inquire About His Desire From The Relationship

1. Past Relationships & Reasons For The Breakup:

Past breakups and relationships are the best way to test the loyalty of your relationship. There is always some hint in past relationships and breakups that you need to pick up to inquire about relationships. 


If he knows you enough, he will surely share his true feelings and experience with you and be open to you. If you find him hesitant in sharing his experience, this is surely a hint that he might not know you enough, or there has to be something he does not want to share. 

Make sure you are open with him two, in case you are also hesitant and avoid his questions about your past relationship, don’t expect him to share his true feelings with you. 

2. Inquire About His Commitments:

Commitment is the most important thing in every relationship. You have to be straight and precise when inquiring about such things. Ask him about his commitment to the relationship and you. The factors that show a solid and committed relationship are openness about commitment and the effort of someone. 

If you find your boyfriend open about his commitment and show dedication and effort in making this relationship work, he certainly knows enough about you to commit to you. 

secondly, you have to make sure that you have discussed all the necessary things with him and make him understand your commitment. If he feels the same and knows enough about you, he will certainly be open about it. 

3. Inquire About His Personality:

Every person has a unique personality and traits. These traits show a lot about a person and explain a lot about the commitment of the person. Your boyfriend’s personality will tell a lot about how he engages with people and how interested he is in knowing about the people he interacts with. 

You can always go into detail to know more about how he feels about certain things and how he interacts with difficult situations. These things tell a lot about how much he knows you and how much he is trustable for the relationships. 

4. Inquire About Your Importance:

When we discuss inquiring about certain things, it refers to discussing with people your boyfriend knows and observing the behaviors. 

With his behavior and upon your inquiry, you have to notice your importance in his life. What does he does when you are not around? How does he behave when you are not around? Does he care about your happiness? How much he considers the relationship and How much effort, he puts into making the relationship works. 

With all your answers, you can certainly find the answer to your question and know more about how much he knows you. 

5. Inquire About His Desire From The Relationship:

You certainly have a desire in your relationship with your boyfriend, and he also has some wants from the relationship. You have to know what he wants from the relationship and what he expects in return. 

The expectation has a lot about how much he knows you. From the answer to your inquiry about his desire, you can get an idea of how much he knows you. Answer to such questions will develop an idea that both of your desires are on the same page. If he knows you, he will be on the same page, and if he is not, then there certainly be severe complications. 

Knowing Truth Is Better Than Being In Dark:

Before you get into the whole journey to know the truth, you must consider some prior things. Knowing the truth can be hurtful, sometimes causing you to lose your loved one. If you think you are ready to embrace the truth, get into it. 

Always search for the right source and ensure you are clear with your objectives.


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