Does Your Boyfriend Know You? 5 Questions To Reveal The Truth

5 Questions To Reveal The Truth - Does Your Boyfriend Know You?

You can be with someone for months or even years, but they still don’t know you. That leads us to ask, does my boyfriend know me?

Relationships are very complicated. Choosing a partner to spend the rest of your life with is the most important decision of someone’s life. Some women get into a discussion with their friends about whether their boyfriend knows them. They do this for several reasons.


Sometimes, it’s because of someone’s advice, and sometimes because of their own observations. Getting answers to this question can be difficult. Often, you don’t want to approach your boyfriend to find out the truth directly. Doing this could cause drama, and nobody wants that.

But that’s okay… to make it easy for you, we dug through several studies to get some expert opinions to help you find the answers you deserve. This isn’t really about knowing if your boyfriend loves you or not. This is more about finding out how well he really knows you. It’s just assumed the two of you are already in love.

5 Questions To See How Well Your Boyfriend Knows You

  1. What does he know about your past relationships?
  2. Are you on the same page about the future?
  3. What does he know about your personality?
  4. What type of food do you like?
  5. What are your career goals?

What does he know about your past relationships?

Knowing about someone’s past relationships and how they ended are a great way to learn more about your boyfriend and for him to get to know you better. The best way to test the loyalty of your relationship.


What better way to know a person than by knowing more about the people who have been in their lives and how those relationships ended. I know that we always say don’t talk about your ex-boyfriend when you are first dating, but when you are in a serious relationship, it’s important to talk about your past. You don’t have to go into specific details about your intimate time, but you need to share information about the basics.

Are you on the same page about the future?

If your relationship is going to go further, then you need to talk about commitment. What do you want in a relationship? Does he know? How does he see your relationship moving forward?

This may not be an easy conversation to start, but if you really want to know each other well, then you have to talk about how you feel about the future. You may think you know what your want, but does he know? If you really want to spend the time getting to know each other, then this is a conversation you need to have.

When you are in a relationship, you can’t just assume you know what he wants or that he knows what you want.

What does he know about your personality?

Every person has a unique personality and traits. These traits show a lot about a person and explain a lot about the commitment of the person. If you really want to know how well your boyfriend knows you, then ask him what unique personality trait he thinks you have. This question isn’t as easy to answer as you might think. If a person is going to be able to describe someone’s unique personality traits, then they really have to put some thought into it.

Does he think you have courage or compassion? Are you patient or fearless? Finding out how he sees you will be truly insightful.

What type of food do you like?

Without food, a person wouldn’t survive, so what better way to find out if your boyfriend knows you than by seeing if he knows what your favorite food is? No, I don’t just mean that you like Mexican or Italian food. I mean, talk about how you like your eggs cooked in the morning. Do you have any allergies or food sensitivities? For example, if you are dairy intolerant, someone who knows you well should know that about you.

What are your career goals?

We spend so much of our lives at work, so your career goals are a big part of who you are. If your boyfriend really knows you well, then he’ll know all about your job but not just what you are doing now but what your plans are for the future. Do you like the company you work at? Do you want to keep working for that company five or even ten years from now? Talking about your career is important for another reason because it not only shows he knows you, but it also helps to see that you are on the same page when it comes to your future.

Knowing the truth is better than being in the dark

If you are serious about your relationship, then it’s important that you spend time communicating. You want to know that you both know each other so that you can be sure you are on the same page. What if you think you have a future, and he doesn’t see the two of you being together forever? It won’t be easy to find that out, but it’s better to find out now than to invest more time into a relationship that has no future.


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Does Your Boyfriend Know You? 5 Questions To Reveal The Truth

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