5 Secrets That Guys Don’t Know About Girls

5 Secrets That Guys Don’t Know About Girls

Girls love talking and by talking we mean talk a lot. But so many times there are so many things that we would like to keep to ourselves and don’t share with guys. They are not big life secrets but sweet harmless things that girlfriends would hide sometimes. Here are those secrets boys:

1. Girls Secretly Think At Least One of Your Friend is Hot


Guys call each other “bros” and all, but when it comes down to it, girls know that guys like to feel better than the rest of them. So don’t worry, girls won’t tell guys on their face that your friend, Rahul, has an adorable smile or their fantasy about Sam and his dreamy eyes.   But, don’t think girls haven’t noticed…

2. Girls Flirt With Other Guys

It’s just a little harmless flirting and they’re only being courteous when they have fun conversations with guys.  Just trust them and don’t act jealous when you see them talking to other men. They’re not giving their number to them or actually interested in taking it further.

3. They Might Not Like Your Family

It’s not easy to find a girl that will get along perfectly well with her boyfriend’s family.  A girl might have an overly protective mom that asks her a million questions to test whether she has what it takes to be wife material.

4. Girls Think Guys Get Too Many Haircuts


This unfortunate trend continued when girls started dating guys – most of the guys continued to prematurely cut their hair. The truth is, most women like guys with more hair in general.  And when they’re dating guys, they want to know that guys are going to have a good amount of healthy hair for a while.

5. Girls Stalk Their Exes on Facebook

Girls are obviously much happier with you (that’s why they’re dating you, not the ex), but that doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally check up on their exes.  But, no need to worry…the stalking usually doesn’t last long until it drives them crazy.

“He just took his new girl to Paris?! Interesting, let me post MY travel pics when I see that green light next to his name so he’s sure to see how much fun I’m now having! His new girlfriend is gorgeous, works at a Fortune 500 company, and actually seems nice? Ok, fine. Stalking time is over and time to hit the “Block” button.”

That’s what girls stalk, so no need to worry guys! Keep Loving Your Girls!


Source: Grab a Story

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5 Secrets That Guys Don’t Know About Girls

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