5 Signs You Are Underpaid And Need A Raise

5 Signs You Are Underpaid And Need A Raise

According to a new study put out by the UN, on average, women are paid twenty percent less than men. Although this issue has begun to be highlighted globally and steps are being taken to rectify it, it is nowhere close to acceptable.

In a corporate environment, it isn’t easy to discuss your pay with your colleagues, and some organizations completely restrict their employees from discussing their salaries with each other, regardless of legality. In such an environment, it can be difficult to know whether or not your organization is paying you less than you deserve. 


It sounds remarkably simple to figure out if you are being underpaid and deserve a raise, but it can be nerve-wracking to pursue. These five tips can hopefully help you get the pay you deserve.

Why It Is Important To Know That You Are Underpaid And Need A Raise

Many women know they are underpaid but choose to remain silent for fear that speaking up will cost them their jobs and livelihoods. Today, times are beginning to change, and people are standing up for their rights and, more prominently, for the pay they deserve. You deserve the pay you’ve rightfully earned, but many employers, likely even your own, underpay their employees.

If you don’t speak up for yourself, you risk losing a lot in the long run. With inflation skyrocketing and making a living becoming increasingly difficult, getting paid what you deserve is more important than ever.

5 Signs That You Are Underpaid

Here are five signs that can help you understand if you are underpaid and need a raise:

  1. You Never Get An Appraisal
  2. Your Coworkers Earn More
  3. New Employees Are Getting Higher Pay
  4. Your Company Has A High Staff Turnover
  5. Research Says So

You Never Get An Appraisal

Today, employee appreciation is valued in Human Resource Management, and one of the most effective ways to show that is through pay raises. If you are working for an organization and you never receive a raise after a reasonable amount of time, you are likely underpaid. Every year employers increase the pay scale of their employees– be it inflation-adjusted or on individual performance. In the end, you need an appraisal. You have to voice to your HR manager that you would like an appraisal based on your performance. If your employer does not raise your pay, it’s high time you start looking for a new one.


Your Coworkers Earn More

Another sign that you are underpaid is that many of your coworkers earn more than you do. Discuss their pay with other colleagues, and if others are receiving more pay that completes the same job as you do, you are being underpaid. You definitely need to ask for a raise if that is the case. Make sure you do your digging properly, though, and not bring false information forth.

New Employees Are Getting Higher Pay

As a general rule, new hires earn lower pay than those who have worked for a company for a while. Over time, those new employees will earn a higher wage just as you should have. Do a little digging when it comes to your new coworkers. If you find that you are not being treated fairly with your pay, ask for the raise you rightly deserve. Oftentimes, employers would rather meet your demands than lose you as an employee overall.

Your Company Has A High Staff Turnover

Staff turnover is one of the key indicators that your company underpays its employees. Most employees leave the organization because other companies offer higher pay for the same work, leaving your company needing to constantly hire new staff to replace those that left for better benefits. This is a massive red flag that indicates that something isn’t well in your organization, and more than likely, it is because employees are underpaid. Ask colleagues who have left the company behind why they left; if this is the reason, try and discuss this with your employer. That being said, it may be time to find a new company that will pay you what you are worth.

Research Says So

You can do some digging yourself on different websites and forums where employees discuss their pay and other job-related issues. You might find ex-employees of your organization who will be willing to express more about their situation and why they left. In most cases, these sites can be quite enlightening and give you a better idea of what you should pay in your line of work. If you can find quite a bit of evidence that you should earn more, you should discuss a raise with your employer.

Fair Pay Is As Necessary As The Job Itself

Some people believe that having a job, though underpaid, is better than having no job at all. While that is true to some extent, you deserve to get paid what you have rightfully earned. Being underpaid is being manipulated by the system and your employers. You should fight for your right to get paid what you deserve, even if that means finding a different company that will respect you.

Despite advancements in gender equality, wage disparity remains a significant issue, with women globally earning less than men. Recognizing if you’re underpaid is essential for your financial stability and self-worth. The five signs to watch out for include a lack of appraisals, earning less than coworkers, newer employees receiving higher pay, a high staff turnover in your company, and research indicating that you’re underpaid. It’s crucial to voice your concerns and negotiate for a pay rise if you believe you’re being underpaid. If this isn’t possible, consider looking for a new job where your skills and contributions will be fairly compensated. Remember, being underpaid is a form of manipulation, and you deserve a fair wage for your work.

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5 Signs You Are Underpaid And Need A Raise

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