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5 Things to Say to Your Ex to Get Him Back

5 Things to Say to Your Ex to Get Him Back

When you love someone, even the thought of being away from them can be quite terrifying. There can be a chance you can end up parting ways because of a bad time, but being miserable won’t do you any good.

Since you do miss your ex and wish to get back with him/her after a week or a few days of being away, keep in mind, that getting them back can be a bit challenging because you do not want to end up doing something or saying something that can draw a drift between you guys.


We believe we have the right ways to get back with your ex, we have 5 things that you can say to him/her and get back them back into your life!

5 things to Say To Your Ex to Get Him Back

1.   Start By Apologizing:

The first step to mending a broken relationship is to begin by saying that you are sorry. Apologize and be very open about your feelings going the wrong way. You must know that if he loves as you know he does, then even a simple apology could easily mend the broken relationship. Saying sorry tells him that you are truly heartbroken over what has happened and value the relationship and having him in your corner rather than your ego.

Simply begin by saying that you are sorry and have truly made a mistake by hurting your feelings. After saying this, let your ex ponder over your messages. This will help you gauge your next step.

2.     Remind them how they are the best thing that happened to you

Fancy dinners, public displays of affection, and even expensive gifts aren’t the only love language you can use. Instead of doing something loud and bold, go slow and steady. You can start by using words and saying, “ You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Since we broke, you haven’t left my mind even for a day. Please let’s get back together!”

This will be the perfect way to communicate to them how they are still an inseparable aspect of your life. This will also relieve your ex and make them feel wanted, who may be quite hesitant with you at this point.


3. Remind your Ex of all the fun you guys had:

Even though you and your ex have broken up because of the difference of opinions, you surely have memories attached to different places and in general too. These may automatically bring up all the fun you both had and may leave a smile and even leave you laughing at an embarrassing moment. Bring up all this in your conversations and remind your ex of the comfort you both have and the warmth you share. The fun experiences and the romantic moments will remind him that you indeed miss him and want him back.

4.     Come clean and tell them you do not want this special bond to die:

We usually hurt the people we love the most. In a moment of anger, you may end up saying something that may have put off your ex and resulted in them leaving. Come clean, tell them you regret what you said and how anger led you to say the right thing in the wrong way. Explain to them what you felt and how they may not have been a moment of pride for you then, but it will make your ex appreciate and understand that you are trying to make things right.

5.     Remind them how they are irreplaceable:

It is essential for you to realize that you love your ex the fact that you want him back is proof enough. Saying all of the above will make him realize the emotional intimacy you both share should not be let go of and how the fact of moving on makes your stomach turn.

Simply share all your feelings with him by saying, ‘My life is incomplete without you and how you bring out the best version of me. You are irreplaceable, and how no one can take your place.’ By saying all this, you are putting your vulnerable side in front of your ex. This will make him appreciate your honesty and also be the right push in helping him consider getting back.

Bottom Line:  Before saying all of this, just know that it should be the truth and not just a toxic pattern. You need to make sure to be as open as you can in terms of emotions and let the other person know how you feel. As long as you love them, they will eventually feel what you are feeling and come back!


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5 Things to Say to Your Ex to Get Him Back

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