5 Things Women Hate About Men

5 Things Women Hate About Men

No relationship is perfect. No man is perfect, and no woman is perfect. I mean, we all have flaws. That’s just what makes us perfectly imperfect. And that’s okay. It’s our little imperfections that make us uniquely us. However, that being said, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things that we wish we could change about others.

We are not talking about personal gurges, it is about some of the most common and must-know things that women don’t like about men.  Although this always depends upon every woman because everyone has their own personality and likings, here are the things most women don’t like about men.


You can always add your own to the list, but you will eventually agree that you also don’t like these things in men. These things certainly include some actions men do during their relationship that every girl hates.

5 Things Women Hate About Men

5 Things Women Hate About Men

If you ask yourself or any girl around you what the most common five things you hate about your men are, she might answer most of the things we are about to discuss. So here they are:

  1. When He Ignores His Girl In The Middle Of A Conversation
  2. When He Brag About Something That Doesn’t Even Matter
  3. When He Just Forgets To Shower
  4. When He Mentions His Ex To Often
  5. When He Just Ignores His Appearance 




1. When He Ignores His Girl In The Middle Of A Conversation

Imagine being in a conversation and your boyfriend just looks everywhere but towards you, or he just focuses on his phone when you are trying to talk to him. Isn’t that just the worst? Well, this is for most women as well. When you are trying to talk to your boyfriend, you want their attention. So when he just stares at his phone, it’s just the worst!

When we are trying to have a conversation with him or even trying to share a romantic moment, and he just ignores you, or doesn’t give you his full attention, it hurts in a way that is hard to even explain. It can cause a real problem in the relationship in the long term, too.

2. When He Brags About Something That Doesn’t Even Matter

Not all men do this – THANK GOODNESS! But have you ever been talking to a guy who suddenly starts bragging about the more random things? Yeah, it’s the worst, and something women absolutely hate.

It’s a sign that he isn’t really trying to communicate with you about shared interests. Instead, he’s trying to treat you like one of the boys, not someone who is special to him in an intimate way. Communication should be two-sided, not someone telling you about some new tires he saw on a car you’ve never heard of if he knows you know nothing about cars, nor do you care about them. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t try and make an effort to care about what our boyfriend likes, but it works both ways.

3. When He Just Forgets To Take a Shower

How about a smelly dude? It’s definitely something that makes you throw up. You might wonder how this can be a reason to hate a man, but almost every woman hates men who just forget to take a shower. This is one of the most common problems a woman faces when their boys refuse to take a shower, especially in winter. There is a time when deodorants just give up, and your man starts stinking.

No one has yet found the answer to why some men just hate getting under the water and getting their dirt and sweat washed out, and we hope someone did. But till then, you have to just bear with your boy or just make him take a shower before you give up.

4. When He Mentions His Ex To Often

Who likes his boy mentioning his ex over and over again? Certainly, no one. It is observed that some men just mention their exes when they talk about intimate relations or for some romantic reason. There are some common reasons for that, but no girl likes hearing about his boyfriend’s ex.

When having a general conversation about a past relationship, it is a bearable thing, but no one bears it during intimate moments.  If a guy is always busy talking about his ex-girlfriend, it’s clear he isn’t over her.

5. When He Just Ignores His Appearance

Being in a relationship needs effort and taking things for granted is something no one likes. When a woman gets into a relationship, she wants his man to be well-dressed and as good-looking as he used to be before getting into the relationship.

Shaggy clothes, messed-up hair, and long, dirty nails are something everyone hates. When a man gives up looking after himself, the woman does not like it and eventually starts hating it. If a man doesn’t care about himself and his appearance, how can he expect others to?

Love Finds Its Way Even In The Darkest Days

We have just discussed some of the things men do that make women hate these acts, not the men themselves. Still, love prevails. We still love our men with some of the most irritating things they do. But even if we love our boyfriends with all of our hearts, it doesn’t mean that sometimes they can do things to annoy us.

These five things that men do that women hate are a perfect example of that.


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5 Things Women Hate About Men

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  1. Most definitely poor hygiene is a turn off. Dirty nails, bad breath, and under arm odor. But, I made the mistake of getting involved with a man with bad hygiene and also chewing tobacco. Never again!

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