80% of men admitted to lying about their height on dating apps

80% of men admitted to lying about their height on dating apps

One study reveals that nearly 80% of people present information about themselves that deviates from the truth. For instance, men are prone to misrepresenting their height, while women often misstate their weight.

Both genders generally give inaccurate information about their age and are most dishonest when it comes to their profile picture.


Dating apps serve as a popular means for people to meet potential partners outside their daily lives. However, these platforms are often marred by users who misrepresent themselves, leading to widespread disillusionment and mistrust.

Common Lies on Dating Apps

Lying or misrepresenting oneself on dating apps is a significant reason why people get ghosted, or experience failed dates. Here are some of the most common lies found on dating apps:

1. Height:

  • Lie: Adding 1-2 inches to one’s height.
  • Reality: Height is a common aspect people lie about, particularly men who feel pressured to meet certain height expectations.
  • Test: Observe background elements in photos or go on a video call to gauge their actual height.

2. Age:

  • Lie: Listing a younger age.
  • Reality: Both men and women often lie about their age to appear more desirable.
  • Test: Ask about significant life events or look for inconsistencies in their stories. Verify via video calls if necessary.

3. Weight:

  • Lie: Using old photos or photos taken from flattering angles.
  • Reality: People often present themselves as slimmer or more fit than they are.
  • Test: Suggest a video date or look for full-body photos that provide a clearer picture of their current appearance.

4. Location:

  • Lie: Claiming to live in a more desirable location than they actually do.
  • Reality: This lie is often told by those living in suburbs or smaller towns to attract matches from nearby cities.
  • Test: Ask about local landmarks or neighborhoods. Cross-reference with social media profiles.

Reasons Behind the Lies

People lie on dating apps for various reasons, including insecurity, societal pressures, and the anonymity that these platforms provide. According to Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Talking to Strangers,” people tend to trust others too easily, which can lead to disillusionment when they discover the truth.

How to Identify Lies

1. Photo Verification:

  • Reverse image searches can help verify the authenticity of photos.
  • Look for timestamps and EXIF data on photos for additional context.

2. Consistent Communication:

  • Ask detailed questions about their interests and activities. For example, if they claim to love salsa dancing, ask where they take classes.
  • Observe their responses to see if they are consistent and believable.

3. Video Dates:

  • Suggest a video call to get a better sense of their appearance and mannerisms. This can help verify their claims about height, weight, and overall appearance.

Impact of Lies on Dating Experiences

Lying on dating apps can lead to disappointment and mistrust. Here are some of the consequences:

1. Ghosting:

  • When someone discovers they’ve been lied to, they may choose to end communication abruptly.

2. Failed Dates:

  • Discovering lies during a date can lead to uncomfortable situations and a lack of future interest.

3. Long-term Mistrust:

  • Repeated experiences with dishonesty can make users more skeptical and cautious, impacting their overall dating experience.

Advice for Dating App Users

To navigate the world of online dating successfully, here are some tips:

1. Be Honest:

  • Present yourself truthfully to attract matches who appreciate you for who you are.

2. Verify Information:

  • Take your time to verify the information provided by matches. Look for inconsistencies and red flags.

3. Communicate Openly:

  • Encourage open and honest communication from the start to build a foundation of trust.

4. Use Video Calls:

  • Utilize video calls to verify appearance and build a more genuine connection.

Dating apps are valuable tools for meeting new people, but they are not without their pitfalls. Lies about height, age, weight, and location are common, but with careful verification and honest communication, users can have more positive and genuine dating experiences.

By approaching online dating with a blend of optimism and caution, individuals can navigate these platforms more effectively and find meaningful connections.

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80% of men admitted to lying about their height on dating apps

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