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Almost Over You – Sheena Easton

When you break up with some guy, music is a great way to work through all the heightened emotions. Here is a great breakup song from Sheena Easton called Almost Over You. It’s an older song but still a great breakup song!


I saw an old friend of ours today
She asked about you, I didn’t quite know what to say
Heard you’ve been making your rounds ’round here
While I’ve been trying to make tears disappear

Now I’m almost over you, I’ve almost shook these blues
So when you come back around after painting the town
You’ll see I’m almost over you

You’re such a sly one with your cold, cold heart
Maybe leavin’ came easy, but it tore me apart
Time heals all wounds they say and I should know
‘Cause it seems like forever, but I’m lettin’ you go


I can forgive you and soon I’ll forget all my shattered dreams
Although you left me with nothing to show, full of misery



When you come back around after painting the town
You’ll see I’m almost over you


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Almost Over You – Sheena Easton

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