Are you attached at the hip?

Dear Tracy, I met the perfect guy. We’ve been together for almost 9 weeks now but my best friend says our relationship is unhealthy because we are attached at the hip.

When you first meet that special someone it’s normal to want to spend every waking moment with them. But that’s actually the worst thing you could do. You don’t want to be attached at the hip — you need to make a serious effort to be your own person. You don’t want to lose your identity.

While you are in the honeymoon period of your relationship it may be great, but far too soon it may be too much and could very well scare him off.

The guy you are dating is with you because he liked who you are. If you lose that, then what is there to keep the relationship going?

So long story short, it’s never a good thing to spend too much time together. If you really like this guy and you want to keep this guy around, it’s important you try to maintain a life of your own. You need to make an effort to do things on your own, without him.

I’m sorry to say but your friend is right. It’s not healthy to spend so much time with your boyfriend. You need to work hard at maintaining your own identity. In the end, if you do this, I promise you’ll have a much better relationship.




Are you attached at the hip?

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