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Avoid Romantic Movies After a Breakup

Rebuilding your life after a divorce or breakup with your boyfriend is not always easy. You will find that many things will come up and make it difficult for you to get through them.  In other more obvious words, breakups are never easy.

Breakups come with a lot of emotional baggage.  Even if the breakup is not drama-filled, it still comes with a price to pay on your heart.


Despite the emotional damage, you will want to make sure that you are making the right decisions so that you are able to make the best of your new life.  To make these decisions, you need a clear mind, the one thing you really probably don’t have after a breakup.  But still, you must try.

The one sure-fire way to not think logically after a breakup is to watch romance movies.  It’s not uncommon to want to eat comfort food and watch sappy romantic comedies when you are feeling down.  I can’t begin to tell you how common that is and how many thousands of women do it.

But it’s the one thing you should avoid when you are going through a divorce or major breakup.

If you have to watch a movie try and find ones that are upbeat and positive.  You need to find things in life that are going to make you feel good about yourself and how you deal with your life-changing breakup.

You will want to make sure that you are getting out of the house as much as you can.  It would be a great idea to go out with friends or with you to a movie theater. You can catch a new flick or a classic comedy from time to time and help you with your outlook on life.

The best types of movies to watch when you are going through a divorce are comedies or about people that have gone through much worse and ended on top. You want to see success stories so that you are able to keep the feeling that everything is going to be good again and that are going to get better.  It is amazing how a movie can make you feel good about yourself and the situation that you are in.


If you are renting movies for you to watch at home, you will want to keep them light and upbeat.  Make sure that you are watching movies that make you laugh.   Invite some of your best friends over and make a big bowl of popcorn.  This is a great way to spend an evening so that you can feel good about yourself. You will want to be able to sit back and relax while watching a movie that will keep you positive and feeling good about yourself.

It is easier to rebuild your life when you have the right mindset.

You do not want to have any contact with movies that are depressing in any way or sad. You want to stay focused on the good things in life and what is out there waiting for you.  When you are sure of yourself and what you are going to do to make the situation better, you will be able to come out on top. You will have a better chance at making the future better and brighter for you after a divorce if you keep those comedies coming and throw the romance movies out!


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Avoid Romantic Movies After a Breakup

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