There are bad blind dates and then there are these ….

There are bad blind dates and then there are these ….

We’ve all heard that blind dates are a bad idea, but for these people … well, let’s just say things went from bad to worse. I mean seriously, these blind dates will make you think twice about ever going on a date again.


I was living in Japan, teaching English. I didn’t know anyone really so I turned to the internet to meet people. We decide to meet near a train station (we lived close by) and go into town for coffee and to kick it. She tells me what she will be wearing and that she has a bright green moped. I tell her I’ll be wearing a red hat.

I see her rolling up on this bright green moped. She sees me, we lock eyes and smile and wave. She then eats s— real hard face first in front of the 100s of people at this busy train station. I kinda jog up to see if she’s ok, but she picks up her moped looking all embarrassed, and just rides off. Never heard from her again. – Redditor jceez

  • My friend took me on a blind date last night, my date ended up being my cousin.
  • I had a blind date the other night so we decided to go to a park. When we sat down on the bench a condom fell out of his pocket and he told me that he picked up the strong pants from the dry cleaner. I just laughed.
  • My best friend went on a blind date yesterday and guess who showed p? His sister. Lmao. I’m still laughing.
  • I went on a blind date last night. Immediately he told me the only reason he agreed to go out with me was that I had a nice body & wanted to sleep with me. Poured my water on him & walked out.
  • That awkward moment when your blind date is your ex-boyfriend from your freshman year in high school.
  • I once went on a blind date where I had a legitimate fear he might kill me. When we were in the car I pulled strands of my hair and hid it around his car to leave evidence behind just in case.
  • My roommate was supposed to go on a blind date with a guy but I answered the phone where he called her … her blind date and I have been married for 1 year now.
  • My blind date has mentioned how much he hates tattoos on women twice in 10 minutes. My sleeve is hidden under my sweater. Time to ‘use the bathroom’.
  • I canceled a group project meeting last night to go on a blind date. The girl turned out to be one of my group members. So we spent the date outlining our proposal.
  • I went on a great blind date with a guy named Peter. My last 2 boyfriends are named Peter. I think the universe is messing with me.
  • I once hooked up with a guy and gave him a fake number and name. Months later my best friend set me up on a blind date with him. He recognized me, you can imagine how awkward that conversation was.
  • I went on a blind date and his mother rang me the next day to see how it went. Yes you heard me right, I said HIS mother!
  • Asked a girl out sort of a blind date and she said yes. We talked more and then she asked me to pay for her nails and haircut before the date. Date canceled.
  • My roommate brought her blind date back to our apartment. It was my brother.
  • A customer bitched me out at work and demeaned me for something that I had zero control over. My blind date with her that night was awkward.
  • Tomorrow I will help my best friend get ready for a blind date I set him upon. He has no idea the date is with me.
  • I just went on a blind date and when I showed up at the restaurant, it was my ex-wife.
  • I think the most awkward thing I ever encountered is being a stoner on a blind date with a cop.

I went out with a guy who talked about his mother literally the entire time. I knew her favorite foods, movies, where she went to college, how she makes her spaghetti sauce, you name it I heard it. At one point I suggested he date his mom since no other person could compare to her. He looks at me almost like he’s contemplating it and I look at him like he’s psychotic and he yells at me and says that anyone who is half the woman his mother is should get down on their knees and thank God for their blessing. Fast forward two years and he married his dad’s high school sweetheart. True story. – Redditor BrandyAlexander9

I wasn’t feeling great but decided to meet anyway. We met at a Belgian beer bar. She was gorgeous, fun, and totally into me. I felt a gas pain, so I leaned forward slightly to quietly relieve the pressure. I completely and explosively s— myself. The odor was immediate. I excused myself to the bathroom, but the damage was too great.

I walked out of the bathroom, muddy-panted, out of the bar, and boarded the train for home. The date was nothing, compared to the horror of the following three weeks, recovering from E. coli. – Redditor jeremylee

Got set up with a guy who literally watched me eat pancakes and only got water. I begged him to order something, I would pay (he ‘forgot’ his wallet) but it was so weird him watching me. After the whole awkward mess, I told the girl who set us up how it went. She promptly responded, ‘Yeah I wouldn’t date him. And honestly, I’m surprised I convinced you to go.’ – Redditor bluetreehugger

We met at a bar. She had showed up first and was already hammered. After a very little bit of hi how are you, she turns to me and says ‘Guys never call me back, I don’t know why, guys never want to call me back. Why don’t you think guys never call me back.’ And I actually responded ‘I don’t know, do you normally start dates this way?’

We talked for a little bit more and then I excused myself and left. About six months later I found out that she was going to be my sister’s new roommate. This town is really to small.” – Anonymous redditor

I had a date with some guy I had been chatting with and we agreed to meet at a pool hall … I got there 10 minutes early and sat down at a booth and texted him that I was there and he just said ‘Damn I told you to message me when you were on your way over.’ And I was like ‘Sorry I forgot, but I’m here right now if you want to head over.’ And, literally this b—- just goes ‘You should have messaged me. You can just sit there by yourself.’ Dead serious. – Redditor Ratburg

I was supposed to meet this woman, Mary. I got to the designated spot 20 minutes early. No one for a while. About 15 minutes after I was supposed to meet her, a woman walks by.


‘Are you Mary?’ I asked her.

‘Are you [arichi]?’ she asked me.

‘Yes, I am.’

‘I’m not Mary.'” – Redditor arichi

I got set up to meet somebody off the internet, who lived about an hour away … He was supposed to pick me up at noon. At 12:30, he calls and tells me he’s lost; he thinks he knows where I am, I should just hang tight. What followed was SIX HOURS of getting a phone call every hour where I offered to come and find him, and he said ‘Nope. A real man doesn’t accept handouts like that!’

Finally, at nearly 7 p.m., he says, ‘I think I’ll stop at another gas station and get more directions!’ and I just cut him off right there. ‘No. Sorry. No. Go home. This isn’t going to work. I’m pissed off and frustrated with you. Just go home.’ ‘But aren’t you gonna give me a chance?’ (he asked) ‘Go home!’ (I said) And then he called me a b—-.

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There are bad blind dates and then there are these ….

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