Top 6 Beauty Disasters That Men Hate

Top 6 Beauty Disasters That Men Hate

Let’s be honest, there are so many things about the opposite sex we just won’t ever understand, and apparently how we like to make ourselves up is one of them.  We asked men what were some of the wonderful beauty secrets and makeover things women did that they just hate like glitter and self-tanning and here is what they said …..

NEON IS A NO-NO:  Several men in the survey reported hating neon anything from nail polish to eye shadow and lipstick.  “It’s not attractive.  It makes a girl look to made up like she’s trying to be a space martian or something.

Beauty Disasters

TO MUCH PERFUME:  In what is probably not a surprise to many the men in the survey reported hating women who put on to much perfume.  To much of a good thing is a bad thing!  “I don’t know what they think they are trying to cover with all that perfume but it makes me want to vomit.  Please just stop it already!

ROUGH OR DRY SKIN:  Men who took the survey also reported hating women with rough or dry skin.  “When I touch a lady I want to feel something soft, not some weird dry elbow.  That makes me think of another man.  That’s just wrong.  If a woman wants to be sexy then she’ll take care of herself and that includes her skin.  Sexy to me is soft and smooth skin.  I don’t even know why but it’s really a turn on to me.

FAKE BAKES:  Girls you aren’t fooling anyone when you have that orange glow about you and men who took the survey reported hating the look as well.  “Trust me there is a difference between a bronze glow of a real tan and the orange disaster look that those Jersey girls seem to like to pimp.  It’s disgusting.

STIFF HAIR:  You don’t see it too much anymore but there are some girls who are still a slave to the ’80s and don’t seem to know how to put away the hairspray.  Girls the men who took our survey told us they hate stiff and sticky hair.  So put away your hair spray and consider a softer, more natural look.

BYE BYE UGG BOOTS:  While not a makeup type thing, most men reported hating Ugg boots with a passion.  “They make the girl look lazy!”  While you don’t always have to dress to impress, men apparently don’t want you to go out of your way to dress down either and wearing Ugg boots makes it look like you just don’t care to try.


Top 6 Beauty Disasters That Men Hate

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