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Book Review: The Host

I admit that I only picked up The Host to read because it was coming out at the movies next week and I had some friends who wanted to go see it.  The first thing I should say is that The Host is nothing like Twilight.  Yes the same author wrote both stories but in the end, they share nothing else.

The Host is a very long read.  And I admit at times some of the parts were a tad boring but to be honest, all those boring little parts were needed.  If you didn’t have those, later on in the book you would find yourself lost and confused.

The basis of the story is that one day earth gets invaded by aliens called souls.  Souls are actually peace loving beings and only take over a species that they think they can help.  In the case of humans, we were deemed so violent and that is a big part of why they took over.  Souls are little silver worm like creatures that attack themselves to the brains of host bodies (humans).  You know a human body is under the control of a soul because of the silver look in their eyes and the pink scar on the back of their neck where the soul entered the body in the first place, to attach itself to our brains.


The-Host Souls

The book really isn’t about an alien invasion.  It’s actually a love story.  The story of a young girl and her little brother, who was able to survive, just barely and remains soul free.  When stealing food one day she meets a guy who was also a survivor like her.  The two fall in love.  One day though she gets caught and is implanted with a soul.   This soul has been on other planets before, 8 of them.  This isn’t a normal thing for souls.  Typically they live out their lives on two planets max so this makes this soul a little special, a pseudo celebrity.  As such she is invited as a guest lecturer at the university where she teaches the soul history.

Normally when a soul takes over a human body their own self is suppressed but Melanie wouldn’t submit and fought off the invading soul as best she could.  So as a result this soul could hear Melanie speak in her head.  It’s like there is one body and two people sharing it.  Wanderer had control of the body but Melanie was there, ever present in her head.  Eventually this caused Wanderer to question her very existence and in time she helps Melanie find her family and lost love.  The problem is, the seekers (the alien version of cops) won’t let it go.  One in particular never stops her pursuit of Wanderer.

In the end, it’s a good love story … long, but rewarding.

The movie however I can truly say was a horrible disaster of an adaption.  It’s like they went out of their way to cast the most unattractive and ill-fitting characters they could find.  As a result most people found it hard to get behind the story.  The movie was a dud.  That is true but I truly hope you don’t let the horrible movie taint your desire to actually read the book.

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Book Review: The Host

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