Can you really trust him again?

Can you really trust him again?

As adults, we don’t meet as many people as we did while in school, and we fall out of practice being in a relationship.

But when you find the right person, you want it to last.


You want to feel comfortable, vulnerable, and loved with the right person.

But, most importantly, you need trust.

Trust is the sole thing that builds commitment in a relationship, without which there can be no comfort, love, or vulnerability in a relationship. At least for the long run.

However, since everyone has a different romantic perspective and emotional capacity, building the utmost trust between two persons can be difficult.

And what do you do, when you lose someone’s trust but want to rebuild the foundation for your love?

So let’s head on to discover trust in relationships. How to build a relationship with trust and how to gain back trust with the right person.



How Trust Is The Most Important Aspect For A Relationship

Trust is the grounded foundation a relationship builds upon. When there’s trust between two people, there is little to no risk of heartbreak, emotional damage, or discomfort.

When you trust someone, you feel more encouraged and comfortable to explore your relationship better and add more layers to your relationship with love, care, lust, and respect.

Everything else that enhances your relationship only stands good when there is a good foundation of trust between both persons.

Unlike love, trust is comforting. The most toxic of relationships that end well always have a strong feeling of love and compassion, but little to no trust that makes them work together.

This is why trust is the single most important thing in a relationship.


How To Build Trust In A Relationship

If you’re looking for a committed relationship with a significant other that you feel is the right person to spend your life with, the first thing you’ll need to work upon is building trust.

And trust isn’t built merely by physical or emotional acts. It is earned when you respond right to the problems of your significant other or how you react when an obstacle comes up in front of the two of you.

With a positive and ‘possessive’ (a mere showcase of ‘i need you’) behavior over time, you and your significant other can earn each other’s trust.

This means you can feel loyal to one another, be vulnerable with your insecurities knowing the other person will not use them negatively, and not feel the threat of a breakup lying around your head.

At the start, keeping up with the other person can feel a bit of a bother or a struggle. To be ‘normal and affectionate’ with the other person to make them feel comfortable and trusted.

However, with more time that passes, trust can come easy to your life. With time, trust can be forgiving, compromising, or even repairable.

With an emotional connection that comes with love, both persons feel more willing to explore more aspects of the relationship, whether that’s trying new things, looking back to resolve relationship trauma, or taking big steps ahead like initiating a family.


How To Earn Trust BACK In A Failing Relationship

When you’re too invested with the person you think is right for you, you’re more scared than ever to lose them. And maybe, one of you made mistakes that ruined the whole dynamic of the relationship. Maybe you feel like your partner feels more uncomfortable or even if you’re on a ‘break’ to resolve things up, you understand that letting go of the person is not right.

It is then that you will need to earn trust back into a relationship. Not love or lust, it is trust that can help you be back with the one person you want to spend your life with.

At the start, it may seem like too much effort, but it does bore an ever-rewarding fruit in the long run.

Be Honest

The advice of being honest does sound cliche, but for a failing relationship, it is more important than ever.

Many times, we try to be dishonest with the sole intention of protecting the person that we love.

However, lying stuff out may help you enjoy love in the short run, but can never help you earn trust for a wholesome relationship.

Be Vulnerable and Transparent

Being vulnerable and true to yourself in the company of another person can be extremely difficult. Especially, if you have past trauma to deal with.

However, showing your true self to the other person can help them realize how willing you are to stay with them. And how much you trust them with your insecurities.

Make Time Out

A fancy dinner on the weekend or a romantic getaway does not work for committed relationships. For the right person, you need to take time out regularly to show them that they’re a priority and that they bring value to your days.

This does not mean compromising on your goals just to be with the other person. The right person will always see your priorities in a comely way and will appreciate the time you take out for them, even if it’s 15 minutes walk in the park.


Stopping The Blame Game, Even When You’re Right

Lastly, learn to control your emotions between arguments. Couples fight. That’s the reality that we have to live with. There is no single cheat code that can prevent arguments between couples.

However, what matters is the consequence of the fight. Does your significant other still feel comfortable being with you after a disagreement?

The best way to show that is to be empathetic between disagreements. Showing the other person that their opinion is equally valuable, even when it isn’t the right answer for you.

And making sure the other person knows that no single fight or argument is worth enough to motivate you to leave.



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Can you really trust him again?

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