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Can You Turn a Toxic Relationship Healthy?

Can You Turn a Toxic Relationship Healthy?

Toxicity, as the name implies, is harmful and can and will end your relationship. An unhealthy, toxic relationship is one that lacks trust, intimacy, and love. A partnership built on nothing will leave you with nothing. If you care for somebody and want to keep them for the rest of your life and not go your separate ways, you both need to step up and turn your toxic patterns into healthy ones.

How can a toxic relationship be turned into a healthy one? Doesn’t toxicity mean it’s hopeless? If unaddressed, it will absolutely end your relationship. However, if you take the time to realize your relationship is going downhill and both of you put in the effort to reverse the damage done, it can turn into a healthy one.


It’s not easy and can be discouraging, but it can be done if both of you are willing. To help, I’ve assembled seven simple and effective tips to turn your toxic relationship around.

7 Magical Tips To Turn Your Toxic Relationship Into A Healthy One

Here are the seven tips that you must know if you want to turn your toxic relationship around: 

  1. Realize That Your Relationship Is Not Healthy
  2. Talk To Your Partner About Your Concerns
  3. Set Mutual Boundaries
  4. Own Up To Your Mistakes
  5. Express Your Emotions
  6. Respect Each Others’ Personal Space
  7. Consult A Professional If Needed

1. Realize That Your Relationship Is Not Healthy: 

Before anything else, it is important to be aware of the toxicity in the relationship. Make sure to understand the root cause of the toxic behavior and be honest with yourself and your partner about it. You have to realize that your relationship is not going as it is supposed to, and there is something wrong with it. If you cannot accept that, it will be difficult to address the root cause. 

Once you realize the depths of the toxicity, you will be in a better position to turn it around. You will be in a better state of mind to see the issue and work to make it better. 

2. Talk To Your Partner About Your Concerns: 

Communication is key to any healthy relationship. Make sure to openly express your feelings and thoughts with your partner without fear of judgment. Communicate your concerns with your partner and make him realize that your relationship is toxic. Try to communicate your differences and address what is hurting your relationship. When you talk about it, you both can work to make it better. 


Without communication and only a one-sided effort, you can not hope to turn your toxic relationship into a healthy one. 

3. Set Mutual Boundaries:

Establishing boundaries ensures that both parties remain respectful and mindful of each other’s feelings and needs. Making sure that you will not cross each other’s boundaries means that both of you will feel respected in your partnership, and fewer arguments and fights will occur because there will be far fewer reasons for them.

Setting boundaries also sets up the potential for working on other issues in your relationship. If you know each other’s limits, you won’t make other problems worse in an attempt to fix them.

4. Own Up To Your Mistakes:

It is important to take ownership of your behavior and recognize how it affects the relationship. People who do not own up to their mistakes can never fix their relationships. Never put your mistake on your partner’s shoulders because this will only make it worse. Take responsibility for the things that could have been done better, and understand that you cannot continue that behavior going forward. 

This responsibility is a two-way street. It is not a time to lay blame and pick at each other’s every insecurity and fault, but to understand that both of you are responsible for the toxicity in your relationship and that, mutually, you have to better yourselves to better your partnership.

5. Express Your Emotions:

Try to understand your partner’s perspective and be supportive and understanding of their feelings. Express your affection to your partner so that you can spark the warmth of your relationship. Most toxic relationships begin to spiral because the couple doesn’t express their emotions and do not appear to appreciate each other’s presence. Have your partner show you they appreciate you, as well. If your feelings can’t go both ways, you cannot hope to save the relationship.

Be open about your emotions and expressions. You will see a clear difference if you do that. 

6. Respect Each Others’ Personal Space: 

Make sure to take care of yourself and make time for yourself away from your partner in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the relationship. Make sure you provide enough space for your partner as well. Your partner needs the same space as you need. If you respect your partner’s personal space, they will respect yours. 

These small gestures will help a ton in turning your toxic relationship into a healthy one. 

7. Consult A Professional If Needed:

If needed, speak to a professional such as a couple’s counselor, to help you work through your issues and create a healthier relationship. Sometimes you can only lead on your own to a certain level, and then you need external and professional help. You can always reach out to an expert who can help you mend your relationship. It is not bad to seek help to save something so valuable to you. 

Make sure your partner understands the need to seek help from outside sources. An additional, objective perspective can help point out issues you would not have otherwise notices, and come up with solutions that you did not realize could be done.

What it comes down to is, like with everything of value, turning your relationship around for the better takes hard work and dedication. With a bit of commitment and hard work on both of your ends, there is hope to save your relationship from a toxic end. So, if you want to save your relationship, take the first steps before it’s too late.

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Can You Turn a Toxic Relationship Healthy?

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