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Candy Cane Lipstick

Who doesn’t love Christmas? So why not celebrate the holidays by wearing holiday-themed makeup?

I happened upon something great the other day which I had to share with you …. candy cane lipstick! Does it get any more Christmas than this?

This particular look lipstick tutorial will explain how to create this unique Christmas inspired look.

For the lips specifically what she did was start off with a red and a white eyeliner pencil as a lip liner. She used the white pencil to fill in the bottom corner of her lips, then she used the red eyeliner pencil on her lips, and repeating the pattern on her whole lip.

White then red, white then red, and so on. At the end of that, she used a tiny lip brush to cover the lip lined lips with red lipstick and then a clear gloss over the white-lined part of her lips.

Update: The video from before got removed from YouTube so I had to insert a new video from another beauty blogger. It’s not exactly the same as before, but you do get the same end results!


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