Cheating Husband Blames Uber

Cheating Man Blames Uber for his Divorce

I heard a story today that made me roll my eyes. A man in New Zealand is suing the ride-sharing company Uber because due to a glitch in their software, he got busted cheating on his wife.

Cheating Husband Blames Uber

He’s suing the app company for €45 million for ruining his marriage – that’s $47.8 million USD.

What he is calling “a glitch” in the Uber app displayed all the man’s trip information on his wife’s iPhone and he says that Uber is the reason his marriage ended – not that he was a cheating bastard.

I don’t get people like this. I don’t get how he could actually blame anyone for the breakup of his marriage. HE CHEATED, and apparently more than once and that is the reason his marriage ended.

The man’s wife left him after his trip logs revealed she wasn’t his only love, the cheating man reported.

In reality he logged into the Uber app using his wife’s phone. He says that he logged off but chances are he didn’t. So when his wife opened the app she got an eyeful and was pissed.

Then again who wouldn’t be when they found out their spouse was cheating?

Cheating on your wife is never okay, but somehow this man found a way to make it even worse but not owning up to what he did to ruin his own marriage, by blaming it on someone else.

I’m only sorry that the newspaper in France that first reported the story didn’t post pictures of the guy so we could re-post them here and make fun of the jackass.

What do you think?

Should he get a big payday from Uber? Or should the courts throw the book at him for filing a frivolous lawsuit?

Or should the courts award any money he gets from Uber to his ex-wife, the one he cheated on in the first place?



Cheating Man Blames Uber for his Divorce

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