How to create a cat eye look

How to create a cat eye look

Some people call them cat eyes, some people say they are eyeliner wings. Basically it’s just a line you draw with your eye liner starting at the last lash, leading outwards.

The exact length and angle is really up to you and your own personal preferences.


Here is a video I found on YouTube that will help you figure out exactly how to do this.


What? You didn’t really think I would make a post about cat eyes without showing you something I’ve done on my own face now did you?

Oh BTW if you didn’t figure it out by these pics already, yes I dyed my hair black recently. 😛

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Jacee Rae
I am the resident health and beauty expert. Okay, I'm not so much an #expert as I am totally in love with all things makeup, but that's close enough, right? :)

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How to create a cat eye look

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