Does he want to be more than just friends?

Does he want to be more than just friends?

At times it may be hard to tell if the guy you’re dating wants to be just friends or maybe more than friends. If you have been dating for a few months and the relationship seems to be going well, you may want to start to look for signs to determine if he is just Mr. Casual or if he actually wants to be more than just friends. There are certain signs to look for that he gives away saying he wants more in this relationship.

If he is really attentive to you at all times, this is a good sign that he wants to be more than just friends. Guys who just want something casual will pretend to listen or will listen to you every now and then but if he is committed, he will hang on your every word. Observe how he acts when you are talking to him. He should make eye contact with you and really get into the conversation. If he’s interested, he will ask you about your hopes and dreams and will even laugh at the stories about your cat.


Many people are busy these days so chances are he may not see you as much as he wants to but if he tries to see you at least twice a week, this is a good indication. When you two are not together, he will call you or text you at least a few times a day. You don’t want someone who will call or text once or twice a week but at the same time, you don’t want someone who will call or text you 20 times a day.  A few times a day is a nice happy medium.

Another indication that he wants to be more than friends is that he will call you just to say hi. Many times when couples first start dating, the guy will often call only to set up dinner plans or a movie date. However, when he wants something more than a friendship he may just text you to see how your day is going or call to tell you about a funny video he saw online.

Often times when a guy just wants a casual relationship with a girl, he is not interested in meeting her friends or family. But guys that are serious about having a relationship will not only want to meet people that are important in your life but he will also want you to meet those who are important in his life as well. If this doesn’t happen right away, do not be surprised because it will depend on what his normal pace is.  Some guys may wait a week or two, while others may wait a bit longer.

If the guy you’re dating is showing any of the signs listed above, chances are he is ready for a committed relationship.


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Does he want to be more than just friends?

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