Does Makeup Expire?

Does Makeup Expire?

Yes, Makeup Does Expire. I was shocked to go through my friend’s makeup case one day and find stuff she’s had in there that was years past its prime. Generally, if properly stored in a cool, dry place, most unopened and completely sealed makeup should last for 2 to 3 years. With that said, creamier products that contain oils or butter, like cream concealers or liquid blushes, could turn earlier because oil can go rancid.

Makeup is made from various materials that each have their own expiration date. If you use it beyond then it can actually become unhealthy for you. This is especially the case for anything that gets applied to or around your eyes. I can’t say this loudly enough to throw out your expired makeup! You don’t want pink eye or some gross eye infection, do you?


Yes, I get that you spent a lot of money on it, but if you keep it too long it can do more harm than good.

You should replace your mascara every 3 months, and your eyeliner and eye shadows every year, as well as foundations, concealers, and powders.

I ditch my lipsticks every 2 years but some people say 12 to 18 to months. How can you know for sure? You know it’s time to toss lipsticks when you notice a change in their texture — whether that means they dry out or get goopy.

Does Makeup Expire?

We know it’s a tough call throwing away your favorite blush or lipstick, but abiding by makeup expiration dates is actually incredibly important. Why? Cosmetics trap bacteria, which means replacing them regularly is necessary to avoid skin irritation, breakouts, eye infections, and styes. Not pretty, right? According to makeup artist Ashely Rebecca, “Skin irritations such as rashes, bumps, and burning sensations can occur when using expired products. If you use mascara or eyeliner that’s past its expiration date, you can experience swelling, itchiness, or redness. If that happens to you, it’s always best to see a dermatologist immediately if you experience any kind of reaction.

“Products, where you dip your finger to apply on the skin, are more susceptible to bacterial contamination,” says Margarita Lolis, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group says. “Lotions with a pump are generally safer and less likely to be contaminated. Products with less preservatives, such a those made for sensitive, have less preservatives and bacteria are more likely to grow.”

Keep your foundation germ-free for longer by keeping your fingers away from the neck of the bottle. Instead, gently drip the formula onto the back of your hand before you apply. If you notice your foundation starting to separate, it’s definitely time to toss it.

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Does Makeup Expire?

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