Does Prince Charles and Camilla have a Secret Love Child?

Does Prince Charles and Camilla have a Secret Love Child?

There’s always some crazy out there pretending to be the long-lost love child of a celebrity. I mean heck, one woman went 20 years claiming to be Anastasia Romanov of Russia, but with DNA technology that we have today, it’s not quite as easy to pull off that con-job anymore. But there is a man out there who came forward in 2016 who claims is the secret son of Prince Charles and his now-wife Duchess Camilla.

Does Prince Charles and Camilla have a Secret Love Child?


The man’s name is Simon Charles Dorante-Day ane he claims that his adoptive grandmother has told him repeatedly that Charles and Camilla gave him up after he was born.

His adoptive grandmother once worked with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip – while other accounts claim he worked for some members of the royal family but it wasn’t the Queen.

But does that make the story about her adoptive grandson true?

Not really. But it doesn’t make it untrue either.

Simon Dorante-Day believes that Camila became pregnant with him in 1965, the very year she became close with Charles.

This all went down when Prince Charles was only 17 at the time, long before he married Princess Diana.


Does Prince Charles and Camilla have a Secret Love Child?

These is some confusion about the date Prince Charles actually met Camilla Parker-Bowles. Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles have been married since 2005, but the two actually met in 1971 (maybe). The two reportedly first met in 1971, according to the biography Charles and Camilla: Portrait of a Love Affair by Gyles Brandreth.

It’s believed that Charles and Camilla met at a polo match in 1972, though Brandreth wrote that they were actually introduced by their mutual friend, Lucia Santa Cruz, the daughter of the former Chilean ambassador to London in 1971.

So is the story true? Not likely. Not only is there no evidence that Prince Charles knew Camila prior to 1971, on February 1, 2020, but Simon also posted on his Facebook page saying  …

“All I was ever told by my family turned out to be lies.”

So if all his family ever did was lie to him about things, who is to say they were telling the truth about his birth parents?

That being said, Simon has continued to fight to find out the truth about her birth parents and still to this day believes it’s Prince Charles and Camila.

There is some evidence that Camilla disappeared between July 1965 and June 1966. That matches the timeline of when Simon would have been born. He was born on April 5, 1966. Simon Dorante-Day was adopted at the age of eight months by a couple named Karen and David Day.

But that only connects him to Camila, not the Prince who by all accounts wouldn’t meet her for several more years.

There is also some evidence that Simon appears to look like Camila’s father Bruce Shand.

Does Prince Charles and Camilla have a Secret Love Child?

In the meantime, Simon is fighting within the court system to force a DNA test to prove his case. He lives in Australia which is part of the United Kingdom but falls under a different collection of laws when it comes to these things. Basically, because he has no actual proof of his claims, he can’t request DNA proof to well, prove his claim. The courts have asked him to provide something more than just the word of his adoptive grandmother because they consider that just hearsay.

He also claims that he has firm recollections of being taken to houses around Portsmouth as a little boy, where he would spend time with the woman he believes was Camilla while protection officers and his adoptive parents waited outside. Of course, that isn’t ‘proof’ but it’s one more aspect of the story.


Does Prince Charles and Camilla have a Secret Love Child?

So is Simon a prince as he claims on Facebook? No. While he may POSSIBLY be related to the now wife of Prince Charles, The Duchess of Cornwall, he would be an illegitimate child of a royal by marriage (a stepchild), which makes him no royalty at all.

Her own legitimate children aren’t even given titles.


Does Prince Charles and Camilla have a Secret Love Child?

Prince Charles is next in line for the British throne, even when (if) he becomes King, it’s not likely his stepchildren would ever be granted titles.

Speaking of awkward royal situations, did you know that Andrew Parker-Bowles is godfather to Princess Anne’s daughter Zara and Prince Charles is godfather to Camilla’s son Tom? Apparently, Andrew Parker-Bowles dated Princess Anne sometime in 1972, before marrying Camilla. Princess Anne knew she couldn’t marry him because he was a Roman Catholic.

Now want to really stir things up, let’s talk about the story in the Daily Mail that claims Camila who was 17 years old in 1965, had her coming-out party and it was that night she lost her virginity to “a rakish young gentleman called Kevin Burke.”

To those who knew Milla, it came as no surprise.

There was always a touch of the rebel about her; her devil-may-care habit of climbing onto her school roof in Kensington to have a sneaky cigarette had been much admired by the other girls.

A Channel 4 documentary depicted the Duchess as a “woman of easy virtue” whose lost virginity prevented her marrying Prince Charles in her youth.

That is certainly true, but the tag is harsh. No, she wasn’t a virgin, but there weren’t that many boyfriends. By today’s standards, she was positively chaste.

Milla was one of those girls who stand out and are envied and looked up to by the other girls. She had not an iota of interest in fashion – her look never wavered from twinsets and pearls – yet she was “cool”.

She had a magnetism that men found incredibly attractive – and she knew it.

Among the 150 guests was Rupert Hambro, of the banking dynasty, who was to become her lover after she dumped Kevin Burke.

Whether Burke was at the party is not known, but according to the Mail’s legendary former diarist,

Nigel Dempster, they became lovers just days later.

Kevin was the 19-year-old son of Sir Aubrey Burke, who had built up the aviation giant, Hawker Siddeley.

Apparently, Camila went by Milla growing up.  Here is a picture from that night.

“Camilla was terrific fun, immensely popular, and although she wasn’t a beauty, she was attractive and sexy. She was never shy, and always had something amusing to say. I remained with Camilla all that year. I suppose we were in love. Then she ditched me.” — Kevin Bruke

Does Prince Charles and Camilla have a Secret Love Child?

So it is possible that she did get pregnant in 1965. She did by other confirmed sources have sexual relations. But there is still no proof that she even knew Prince Charles for at least another five years.


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Does Prince Charles and Camilla have a Secret Love Child?

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