Don’t go to far with your nails!

When you are going on a date good grooming is important. This means taking a bath, wearing clean clothes that you ironed all the wrinkles out of and yes, cleaning and painting your nails.

Nicely manicured nails can help you get noticed but it’s important that you don’t take it to far. Simple and elegant is always best. If you want to scare a guy off, having crazy nails is a quick and sure fire way to do it.

I pulled together some yes and no examples so you know exactly what is to much and what is pure perfection when it comes to nail art.





When it comes to perfect nails, less is always more.  The majority of men surveyed always make note of how turned off they get by overly done up nails.


Digital StillCamera


You can have a splash of color and glitter if the color matches your outfit or even better your lipstick, shoes and purse.   This photo is a great example of what fancy nails can look like without going overboard.

Now some nail don’ts!






Don’t go to far with your nails!

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