Don't Obsess Over Details of Your Date! #relax

Don’t Obsess Over Details of Your Date! #relax

When you first start dating someone, a common mistake people make is to obsess over details. You know how the saying goes … don’t sweat the small stuff. And that applies to your dating life as well.

It’s not easy to stop yourself from worrying too much but it’s important that you try.

You worry about what they said, or what they meant by something they did or didn’t do. You might worry about how you reacted to something, or about the relationship not working out. You might worry about what your friends or family will think about him. There is so much going through your mind that shouldn’t be.


If you really want this relationship to work, you have to give it a fair chance and the only way to do that is to force yourself ot stop obsessing over all the little stuff.


Don’t have a first-date freak-out. Try to tap into your inner diva and let your self-confidence shine. Trust that if this relationship was meant to be, it will be.

If you find your mind starting to wander and you begin obsessing about things you shouldn’t be, try a little relaxation trick — say your ABC’s backward. Nope, it’s not an IQ test, but it is a strangely reliable way to chill. Saying the alphabet in reverse temporarily shifts your focus from worrying about your upcoming date or pending performance review. It’s fine to play tricks on yourself once in a while. Counting backward can also do the trick.

If that doesn’t work think about pancakes. No seriously!

We’re always down for pancakes, so we were pretty stoked when Meg Jay, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and the author of The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter— and How to Make the Most of Them Now, told us to think about the breakfast treat during a stressful event, like a performance review. You Might Like{{displayTitle}}If your manager suggests things you can improve upon (such as replying to emails more professionally or turning around reports more quickly), think of them as pancakes on the griddle.

“You need to take them off the stove, turn on a fan, or open a window,” Jay explains, “but the house is not burning down, so you don’t need to run screaming from the place.” In other words, if a meeting is getting you all worked up, thinking about “pancakes” can put it into perspective. Similarly, turning to Mother Nature (whether it’s looking out a window or Googling some awe-inspiring photos), can help your stresses seem small compared to how huge the world is. It can also help clear away inner turmoil, research suggests. Finally, as Tiffany Cruikshank, a certified yoga teacher and author of Meditate Your Weight, says, remind yourself (in your head or out loud) that everything passes. And think of past experiences where that has been true.


Don’t Obsess Over Details of Your Date! #relax

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