Family Christmas Gifts?

Dear Tracy, I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about three months now and we are going to spend the day with his family this Christmas. I’m a little nervous since it is the first time I will be meeting them. Am I obligated to bring gifts? What’s the rules for something like this? It will only be his parents and us, so should I bring one gift for his mother and father, or individual gifts or no gifts at all? Help! I don’t know what to do.

It’s never easy meeting your boyfriend’s family, especially during the holidays. Of course you want to make a good impression so yes you need to bring a gift or two. I would suggest you do something small by meaningful. For the mother try something like a nice scarf. For the father try something like a gourmet gift basket. Typically with men, you can’t go wrong with food. Just remember to check with your boyfriend before buying it to see if the father has any good allergies. You don’t want to get a basket with nuts only to find out he’s allergic.

If you aren’t sure about a scarf with the mother you can always get her some really expensive perfume. That is, if your budget permits. If you can’t afford it, don’t get a cheap bottle of perfume in it’s place. They aren’t the same. I found a nice bottle of Versace perfume for about $50. It smelled amazing and it wasn’t overwhelming. Try and find something name brand, subtle and expensive when looking for the perfect perfume — nothing under $40. Try and avoid buying it online. You want to make sure you get the real deal and that you smelled it yourself in person so buy it at a local department store so you can be sure it is perfect.


Family Christmas Gifts?

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