Pink Glitter Lips

How to get pretty pink glitter lips

I love pink glitter lipstick but when you buy it in the tube it never really looks right. But that’s okay because I found a video today that gives me exactly the look I love and hopefully you will love it too.

Tell me this is not the best pink glitter lipstick you’ve seen?!


I should mention when adding the loose glitter part, always only use cosmetic grade glitter – not the kind you buy from a craft store. Cosmetic grade glitter is typically the kind you see advertised for your face, for your eyes or even for your nails. It’s important to realize that non-cosmetic grade glitter could be toxic.

Also, you’ll note there is a difference between ultra-fine glitter and chunky glitter. I prefer the look of the ultra-fine glitter powder as opposed to the chunky glitter, which I like to use on my eyes, cheeks or hair.


How to get pretty pink glitter lips

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