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How to get radiant skin

How to get radiant skin

When you ask, how to get glowing / radiant skin, people almost always say – drink more water. And while that may be true to some extent, we know that can’t be the only answer. I’ve personally been drinking a ton of water for years and my skin doesn’t glow.

So there has to be more to it. So I’ve decided to do some heavy duty research into the subject matter.


How to get radiant skin

What I found is that you have to drink lots of water, eat right including a diet that includes a lot of fruit and vegetables.

Some people say take a daily multi-vitamin, although other people say that may not help. I’m not sure but I’m sure it can’t hurt so I’m including it in my daily ritual.

Keep your skin clean, making sure that you never go to bed without first washing your face.

Change your pillowcase every couple of days. They say this will keep a fresh, bacteria free surface on the very place where your face rests each night.

Speaking of sleep, your skin cells turn over while you sleep so you need to make sure you are getting a full night’s sleep. It’s important to giving you radiant skin.


Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol and caffeine as they dehydrate the skin. Sugary foods also can break down collagen and the elastin in your skin over time, which can dull your complexion.  So it’s not just about what you need to eat, and drink but also what to avoid.

And last but not least, exfoliate your skin every two weeks. The experts seem to agree that your skin looks radiant and glows when it’s smooth enough to reflect light.

Over time dead skin cells pile up, diffusing light and making your skin dull. Exfoliating your skin can clear out those built up dead skin cells.

And of course after doing all of this you can always use a little Lancome ultra-luminous powder to help your skin glow just a bit more. So even if your skin doesn’t naturally glow, this powder can make it appear that it does. We all want radiant skin, but in the end sometimes you just have to have a little help. 🙂

How to get radiant skin


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Jacee Rae
I am the resident health and beauty expert. Okay, I'm not so much an #expert as I am totally in love with all things makeup, but that's close enough, right? :)

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How to get radiant skin

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