Overline Lips

How I got my own big Kylie Jenner Lips

My cousin Danii never wore a lot of makeup. Don’t get me wrong, she is like me and loves getting all fixed up, but we just tend to think we look better without a lot of makeup … for us, less is more.

Recently however we got our hands on some stockings that just cried out for big, bold red lips to match. I was thinking like big Kylie Jenner lips.

Okay, not exactly the best pictures, I know – but it should give you enough of an idea of what I’m talking about, right?


The problem is, I don’t have really big lips so I decided to go online to try and figure out how to give myself some Kylie Jenner lips using lip liner.

The proper term is over-lining your lips. Now I realize that Kylie Jenner had lip injections, but this is the technique that everyone else uses … the makeup trick version of how to get bigger, fuller lips.

How I got my own big Kylie Jenner Lips

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