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A Guide To Dating Post-Pandemic

A Guide To Dating Post-Pandemic

Dating is hard enough as it is, and the culture of the dating world itself is something that is constantly changing. The COVID pandemic put all of us in a position where we lacked a social life outside of FaceBook memes and video calls. This has made dating feel like it’s nearly impossible, and many of us single have been left lost and confused about how to get back into the dating scene now that things are more manageable. Just remind yourself that you’re not the only one. We’re going to figure this out together! 

Online Dating


There’s a surplus of sites and apps for dating! Facebook has a dating app where you can be more discreet and avoid matches with people you are already friends with. There are even sites geared towards specific audiences, such as Christians if you would prefer to date someone who supports the same religion as you. Whatever sites or apps you may choose, focus on advertising yourself authentically through pictures and a biography that really allows your true personality to shine through. Don’t be afraid to show people a genuine representation of who you really are. 

Utilize Video Calls

A Guide To Dating Post-Pandemic

Using video calls as a way to get to know one another has been a game changer in the post-pandemic dating world! Those of you who have been in a long-distance relationship before probably think we’re all a little late to the game, but it truly is such an easy way to connect face-to-face without any risks being involved. Ask your date if you could have a coffee date via skype call before taking the steps needed to meet them in person. You could even play games online together for some bonding! Or, if you’re really with the times, you can go see a movie together through VR! 

Take Precautions

Once you agree to meet in person, be sure to discuss what precautions you would both like to take upon your encounter. Whether this be social distancing, wearing masks, or going somewhere that will not be crowded, you must be on the same page about what you are and aren’t comfortable with. Remember, although things have calmed down, COVID is still running rampant, and you should be taking the necessary steps needed in order to protect yourself. 

Have a Better Appreciation for Human Connection

The pandemic really did allow me to change my perspective on the value of human connection. Of course, I already understood the importance of it, but what I didn’t fully comprehend was that it is a privilege as well. As you reenter the dating world, take a step back and really dwell on how important human connection is to you and what you would like to gain from a new companionship.

As you forage these new relationships, take a moment to bask in the moments where you are able to enjoy connecting with one another. This mentality will make all the difference as you experience the struggles of dating and allow you to find encouragement even when you may feel like all hope is lost. 

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A Guide To Dating Post-Pandemic

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