Hair and Makeup That Men Desire

Hair and Makeup That Men Desire

Have you ever wondered what men think about our hairstyle or our makeup? Well, you’re in luck! A survey of men tells us exactly what they do and don’t like about makeup and hair!  When men say looks matter, they mean more than just about your toned and tight body.  They are also talking about your lip color, eyeliner, and the softness of your hair.  The answers the men gave to our survey should really help you better understand what men really want you to look like.

Hair and Makeup That Men Desire


MEN LIKE long, straight, healthy hair that has a healthy shine.  They all reported liking hair that is soft and silky smooth.

MEN DON’T LIKE fake-looking lip color.  They prefer instead a more natural or softer color.  They don’t seem to care too much about shine.  It is specifically the color that bothers them.  Bright red, dark red, bright hot pink … these are the fake colors that the men surveyed seemed to be against.

MEN DON’T LIKE short hair.  Thinking of getting a pixie cut?  Don’t.  Men prefer their women with longer hair.  Some men reported that short hair reminded them too much of their mothers.

MEN DO LIKE well-manicured hands.  They want their lady to have nails that look well and aren’t too long or too short, that look well kept.  Since they didn’t like bright red or pink lips we wondered what they thought about the color of nail polish.  Surprisingly most men surveyed said they don’t mind red or pink nails but what they don’t like is any shade of neon nails.  Some men said they associated neon-colored nails with circus performers.

MEN LIKE or should I say love soft skin.  So ladies get out that hand lotion and make sure to use it often.

MEN DON’T LIKE lots of eyeliner.  The Taylor Momsen look is not something most men report not being into.  As one man put it, “a girl can be hot, have a great body but then she just ruins it with looking like a raccoon with all that dark makeup around her eyes.


Hair and Makeup That Men Desire


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Hair and Makeup That Men Desire

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