Here are 16 Things Men Hate to Hear. But do we even care?

Here are 16 Things Men Hate to Hear. But do we even care?

Psychology Today wrote an article that I thought you guys might enjoy. It’s called “16 Things Men Hate to Hear (Even When They Like or Love Us)”.

To be honest something about their whole article just rubbed me the wrong way. I think that when you are in a relationship communication is important. And sometimes we aren’t always perfect in the things that way say and we say one thing, but mean something totally different. The important thing is that we try to talk. We shouldn’t have the things we say just discounted as annoying.


Beyond that, some of the things are downright offensive. I mean look at number 10 on the list …. are you telling me that it’s okay that your significant other is annoyed by you complaining about being sexually harassed? Seriously!?!

Anyway here is the full article…

Want to annoy the man in your life both instantly and profoundly? Want to make him wish he lived alone in the Fortress of Solitude or back in the one-room apartment he had when you first met? Say any of these well-known phrases on a regular basis.

  1. Tell me again: Why do you have to be friends with her if you don’t have feelings for her anymore?
  2. We need to talk. There’s something I have to tell you and I’ve been thinking about how to say this for days.
  3. I might have thrown it away; I don’t remember.
  4. That’s not where my cl**oris  is and that’s not even how it’s pronounced.
  5. Maybe I’d understand more about your work if you made the effort to explain it to me.
  6. Well, it made me and my friends laugh so I thought you’d enjoy it too. Why do you have to roll your eyes like I have no sense of humor?
  7. A wittle baby-tawkie-walkie never hurt a big boy like you, you cutie nobbly-wobbly. Who cares if we’re in a bar?
  8. Just admit your mother and sister don’t like me.
  9. Don’t you know what today is?
  10. How can they make you uncomfortable? It’s not like they’re hitting on YOU.
  11. I’m not saying we ever will move in together or get married, but if we do, I know I’d like this tablecloth.
  12. Of COURSE, I think your band/writing/animation/poetry/photography/idea for an app is good.
  13. How many people have you been with, anyway?
  14. Come look at this hilarious thing about Ryan Gosling.
  15. Why does it bother you how I spend my money? You spend all your money on stuff that I think is a waste of time.
  16. Which of my friends would you sleep with if I died?

This whole article is just ridiculous, not that the data is flawed, but the author’s overall approach. Let’s look at point number one: Tell me again: Why do you have to be friends with her if you don’t have feelings for her anymore?

Wouldn’t it just be easier to say that men get annoyed when women nag them about being friends with their ex-girlfriends? It’s a valid point but the way the author presents the information is offensive and really takes light of potentially serious relationship issues.

I think the main point I wished the article would have made was that sometimes we say or do things that annoy the one we love. It happens. But that doesn’t mean it has to be that big of a deal …. you can always click here and pick up a nifty little gadget or something fun, to put a smile on his face and let him know that even though your relationship isn’t always perfect, you still love him and want him to be happy.


Might I recommend, the Homemade Gin Kit – I know my man sure loved it and maybe yours will too.

Here are 16 Things Men Hate to Hear. But do we even care?


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Here are 16 Things Men Hate to Hear. But do we even care?

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