He's Not Worth It

He’s Not Worth It

He’s Not Worth It

1 thought on “He’s Not Worth It”

  1. I would like to act like a two year old for just a moment and rant. I want to kick, scream, pull my hair, pull his hair, kick him in the balls, anything…just get it all out there. Why do men feel it necessary to play with our heads? Why do we feel it necessary to let them? Why do we always want to give them the benefit of the doubt? And when they prove over and over again what LOSERS they are, why is it we can mysteriously seem to FORGET all the pain and heartache they’ve caused when they come back or we meet the next one? Inherently, I know the problem is ME and something *I* am lacking. Some co-dependency or psychological flaw… But why do THEY have to take advantage of those things to begin with?

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