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The beginning of August is quite serious dear Aquarius. The New Moon in Leo (July 28th) fell in your partnership area and highlights a formal contract, partnership engagement, or a crucial discussion in an existing relationship while your home and family are undergoing dynamic updates.

You may return to previous upheavals related to your home and roots. Mars conjunct Uranus and Taurus North Node and suggests that your path forward may include relocation, family members, or liberating yet shocking actions from a parent.

There is no better time to make an independent decision than the Full Moon in your sign on August 11th. A personal result, a culmination, or a significant conclusion or ending lies in your long efforts and a series of difficulties during the past 2 and a half years.

A major new goal, project, or lifestyle that involves a change in your behavior and personality has reached a climax. Yours or others’ return to previous versions of authority or old responsibilities will mark a turning point in a relationship. An ending and a new beginning can happen simultaneously because you redefine your boundaries and terms in a partnership.

Speaking of relationships, the planet of money and love, Venus, is in hard contact with both your rulers Saturn and Uranus and can limit the satisfaction of your love life in a partnership due to discussions from the past 2 weeks. The establishing social boundaries and rules that are undergoing review from the beginning of June can reflect the cause of an official position of a business or personal partner. Also, your goals might need more funds to move forward, and it is time to engage someone else in your plans.


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