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You’re game-changer, Aries, and the month of August is all about changes. A new chapter related to creative work, a hobby, games, or children’s activities, and pregnancy, is ready to give birth as the New Moon in Leo (on July 28th) planted seeds in your area of self-expression.

You will be required to keep up to date with your income/profits, self-esteem, or values. Especially if you have resisted sudden shifts in your security zone, you will now feel an acceleration, which leads to reversals in income, spending, and investments.

Your ruler Mars and his meeting with Uranus (last time in Jan 2021) is responsible for your income shaking, but this time you have great support from Taurus North Node. Your path forward is open, and this is a time for a breakthrough of innovative but practical and out-of-the-box ideas and actions to generate profit from, so slide after the unknown.

Mid-Aug is highlighted by the Full Moon in Aquarius on 11th Aug, which is one of the most important moments for the past two years.  Your social area is ready for conclusions and welcomes the culmination of decisions related to a friendship, group, or network that was and is still under construction.

Your desire to attract and create what you want will be based on the results of public rules or judgments. You may feel the weight coming from restrictive conditions of a social group or friendship or the results of commitments made with both. Extraordinary news or important confirmation will be included in this, and you will be the leader in control of what is happening next.


At the end of August, the planet of money, resources, love, and relationships, Venus, is in hard contact with Saturn and Uranus and restricts your spending habits.

Decisions made the past two weeks keep your focus on money. The established public boundaries, rules, conditions, and limits from authorities will be an occasion to look for changes in your income sources in the desire for financial security and profit.



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