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Those who fall under Aries are fiery, passionate, and a bit stubborn. They’re natural-born leaders who love adventure and competition and enjoy being independent. An Aries has a seemingly endless amount of energy and can be quite spontaneous.

This is your monthly horoscope for December 2022


Keep your ears open dear Aries, as in the early days of December, it will be good to be aware of how information is exchanged. Mercury is in a tense aspect to Neptune in your travel and advancement area and can bring you gossip, misleading thoughts, or confusing plans with people from abroad.

Heated discussions during the Full Moon in Gemini on December 7th will provide an important answer, decision, message, or news. There is a choice to make or a story to discuss with someone far away.


The Full Moon is in perfect conjunction with Mars Retrograde, so clarification of something that started back in Oct 2021, February and August 2022, or duality in an ongoing discussion, is needed.

The year ends with a new beginning or chapter in your career Aries. The New Moon in Capricorn on December 23rd in exact aspect with Jupiter in your sign indicates that you can now move forward with postponed business and professional opportunities that have come to light through the development of a new authentic self, a new product that you have been preparing, project, or a new outlook and behavior.

Aries Element: Fire
Fire signs are passionate, bold, and charismatic. They are also creative, charming, and confident. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are all signs that can obtain fame and fortune through their well-channeled signature intensity. But fire signs often need to be the center of attention and can be aggressive, selfish, and vain. They can also act impulsively and have a quick temper. They can benefit from channeling their fiery energy for good rather than going on a warpath and pushing away anyone who dares challenge them.
  • Power Color Red

    The color red stirs Aries's soul and enhances passion, energy, and initiative. It is the color of excitement and assertion, which supports Aries's active nature and eagerness for life. Red demands attention -- and Aries is a sign that does not like to be ignored. It is also no surprise that Aries's ruling planet, Mars, is known as The Red Planet. The more shades of red Aries surrounds itself with, the greater their natural powers can be.

  • Essential Oil Peppermint Oil

    Arians who utilize the benefits of peppermint oil often find themselves rejuvenated and ready for a fresh start (a famous trait of the Aries Sign). Peppermint oil is also an excellent way to reduce the stress often felt by this sign, as well as remove those pesky headaches, enabling an Aries to continue forward with their driving desires.

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