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Cancers are emotional and empathetic—they experience the world through feeling, and are always the first to lend a listening ear. Compassionate and nurturing, they’re highly sensitive to their surroundings and the moods of the people they love. You won’t get anything past a Cancer.

This is your monthly horoscope for December 2022

Horosope Cancer 06152022

The first days of December for Cancers signal mixed messages about health, work, or obligations to others, as Mercury in your daily life area is in a tense aspect to Neptune. Errors will be easy to make, and instructions can be confusing. Ask again, look for the gaps, and avoid promising more than you can physically deliver.

The need for rest and isolation will escalate on the Full Moon in Gemini on December 7th, which falls into your hidden area. You need to muster the strength to make a second choice related to health and work caused by Mars Retrograde conjunct this Full Moon.


A decision, conclusion, or completion of something started as early as October 2021 or February 2022 may already be limiting for your daily life, so make adjustments to your actions. Hidden tension can surface due to impatience and the inability to act independently.

New horizons in your partnerships area at the end of the year are presented by the New Moon in Capricorn on December 23rd.

The exact aspect this lunation makes with Jupiter will give impetus to a delayed new opportunity or engagement started with a partner to develop your professional goals and ambitions. A partner can activate these intentions but beware of exaggerated expectations and unrealistic promises.

Horosope Gemini 06152022
Cancer Element: Water
Water signs are sensitive, highly intuitive, and deep. Theirs is the element of emotions. Water signs feel everything and can make wonderful artists because they are highly imaginative. They are very loyal and compassionate. The sensitivity of water signs can make Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces easily hurt and they may take things too personally. They can also be moody and highly suspicious.
  • Power Color White and Silver

    Bright white and silver connect Cancer with its intuition and provide a clean, clear slate. Like the glistening surface of water or the shining face of the Moon, silver and white are colors of intuition and purity. They increase Cancer's sensitivity and understanding, allowing love to flow at its deepest level.

  • Essential Oil Chamomile

    Those born under the sign of Cancer often report issues of the stomach including heartburn, ulcers and water retention. The best essential oil for a suffering Cancerian is Chamomile oil as it aids in improved digestion as well as works as an effective stomachic and as vulnerary agent.

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