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It’s time to sow new seeds in your security zone, Cancer, as the New Moon in Leo (on the 28th) has entered your personal resources area. This New Moon presents unexpected news about your income, expenses, and investments in order to harmonize professional actions with your values ​​and security. Surprises or breaking away from old social groups can be a theme. Mars conjunct Uranus and Taurus North Node indicate that the way forward to new financial security depends on the profit from your profession or your social contacts collaborations.

The month progress on a serious note, and a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11th highlights your shared resources area. Ending, closure, or outcome related to general finances, debt or loan, intimate, or psychological matter requires your reaction. Boundaries over which you do not have complete control can heighten feelings of despair or insecurity. Something may become official, such as a financial agreement or commitment, but keep in mind that this is a major and important result for your yearly goals. If you see progress, keep up the pace, but if you face negative consequences, analyze how far you have complied with the conditions and responsibilities to your partners.

And to keep you away from slacking off right now, the planet of money and love, Venus, is in tense contact with Saturn and Uranus and points your attention and focus to an issue from 2 weeks ago. The established limits will cause you to evaluate your financial priorities. Actions taken in for-profit and investment need resources to move forward towards achieving your desires.

New moons are all about embracing new beginnings in astrology as they kick us off into a new lunar cycle each month. Because new moons are a reset point for the lunar calendar, they’re considered an ideal phase for planting new seeds in your life, launching new projects, or setting fresh intentions. New Moons are like a zero starting point. The slate is wiped clean and the soil is being prepared in darkness for new seeds to be planted. New Moons are the best time to start something new, get clear on the future and bring fresh energy into our life.


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