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You are in your own lands of responsibility this month, Capricorns. The New Moon in Leo (July 28th) fell in your shared resources and pointed out a re-evaluation of old responsibilities and boundaries involving your money and values.

Watch for surprises and innovations in terms of creativity, love, romance, or children. Mars conjunct Uranus and Taurus North Node and sends you a sign that a new source of knowledge and unusual approaches will help your path forward.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11th will also be an easy task you have mastered, as it is a time for official decisions related to your personal resources. A major turning point will be finalized. Intense revelation will be the cause of definitive conclusions as sensitive discussions and powerful insight combines with your courage and ambition to move forward. Also, a good time to make progress with household money or family matters. There can be an extraordinary bonding with another that fosters trust between you.

In the last days of August, the planet of money and love, Venus, will keep reminding you of your value. A critical contact of the planet of money with your ruler Saturn and his opposing nature power Uranus requires a reassessment of your needs as an obstacle or limitation resulting from the last two weeks is looking for a solution. Actions taken with joint finances (or your partner’s money) request additional funding to continue upgrading your solid security. If the current yearly achievements do not satisfy you, you can always look for new earning opportunities through stock market speculations or crafting, games, fun, and children’s activities. This is a time when you see the maximum of what you can get from your investments so far.


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