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Capricorns are ambitious, with an innate sense of individuality that makes them fantastic workers and organizers. They don’t shy away from big projects and are realistic with a sense of self-control that would rival anyone else’s. They have huge hearts and are sensitive without being too overly emotional—sympathy is their middle name.

This is your monthly horoscope for March 2023

Horosope Capricorn 06152022

Roll up your sleeves, Capricorns, this month will be a challenge for everyone and it starts with the Full Moon in Virgo on March 7th in your opportunities area. Results, conclusions, answers, news, official document, or plan implementation are highlighted. A keen eye for decision-making will be required as your ruler, Saturn changes sign on the same day.

The events will be reflected by the new conditions and rules in the areas of communication, education, short trips, trade, and relations with relatives. Get your official commitments in order, because over the next three years, persistence will be needed there on the above subjects.


The New Moon in Aries on March 21st falls in your home area and represents a new beginning in your or a family member’s lifestyle as a result of a residency change, property investment, home extension, or newborn. Big changes in your personal resources will be part of this beginning as Pluto enters this area on March 23rd to remain there for twenty years.

Avoid family conflicts caused by the need to impose your opinion through ultimatums. Pluto triggers an imbalance due to fears of loss and trying to ensure what is not rightfully yours.

Horosope Gemini 06152022
Capricorn Element: Earth

Earth signs are grounded, loyal, and good at accumulating wealth. They tend to appreciate the finer things in life, such as good food and wine. They are sensual creatures. Earth signs are patient and practical. But just as Earth signs can be loyal, they can also be stubborn and inflexible. It’s often their way or the highway. Their love for material things can make them overly decadent, and at times they can be lazy.

  • Power Color Brown and Grey

    Earthy grey and brown help Capricorn find the strongest and most practical path to take in life. These strong but neutral colors enhance Capricorn's solidity, reliability, and traditionalism. A combination of extremes -- white and black -- grey increases the conservative nature of Capricorn and its no-nonsense approach to life. Brown represents stability, and can greatly benefit the Goats steadfast determination as it strives to reach its goals.

  • Essential Oil Sandalwood

    Many Capricorns will use Sandalwood essential oils to help them combat the signs negative health issues of broken bones, skin issues and stiff joints. Sandalwood helps the ever-active Capricorn relax as well as strengthen bone cartilage and improve acne prone skin.

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