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Pisces, I promise that the end of your suffering for the last three years is coming, and the rewards will be worth it but charge yourselves with a little more patience and discipline. The New Moon in Leo (July 28th) fell in your area of daily routine and presents a vibrant new chapter related to a healthy regimen, work approach, responsibilities to another, or self-care.

Changes in the communication field are your springboard forward but keep an eye out for specific ideas that have become outdated, and you cling to them stubbornly. It is time to break their value and convince yourself that they do not serve you. Mars conjunct Uranus and Taurus North Node to provide you a concrete truth that can show you the benefits of what or who is better for your future.

Nothing lasts forever, and the Aquarius Full Moon on August 11th will help you to believe that every struggle has an end. You’ve spent the last three years in isolation, escapism, and reevaluating your entire life (or at least 25y behind). It is time for the most important closure, a truly definitive moment that marks the end of your losses and suffering.

Based on a discussion or result, you can reach conclusions that increase your security and possibly your finances. This Grande finale will be triggered by a temporary review of topics that have seemed closed but actually needs one more check. Also, hidden limitations, still unacknowledged fears, or external level responsibilities, which is time to let go forever before the big new YOU is ready to welcome 2023.

Hardship won’t let you relax until the end of August, as the planet of money and love, Venus, is in critical contact with Saturn and Uranus. A question from the past two weeks is still relevant. If the established societal limitations from the past still weigh you down, be aware it’s the reason for the unhealthy tension. Your personal spiritual growth is the shoulder to lean on so that you can finally break this undermining habit of sacrificing for the sake of others.




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