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Pisces are highly imaginative, with a penchant for arts and romance. As a water sign, they feel a lot—and express those feelings a lot, as well. They tend to have their heads in the clouds, with a dreaminess and intuition that often needs to be a bit grounded.

This is your monthly horoscope for September 2023

Horosope Pisces 06152022

September holds an introspective energy for you, dear Pisces. The universe is urging you to look inward and reflect upon your journey. This is a time to embrace both the spiritual and emotional sides of yourself, as they will guide you through the month’s challenges and successes. Be prepared to encounter profound insights.

Love and Relationships:
Venus’s influence suggests a focus on deepening emotional connections. Whether single or in a relationship, your intuition will guide you towards understanding the unspoken needs and desires of those around you. Communication is paramount this month; don’t be afraid to express your feelings, but also lend an empathetic ear to those close to you.


Career and Work:
The cosmos sends a gentle reminder that it’s okay to take things slow. Rushing won’t necessarily get you where you need to be faster. Trust in the process and allow things to unfold organically. A surprise opportunity towards the end of the month could provide a new avenue for growth.

Health and Wellness:
It’s essential to take care of both your body and mind this month. Incorporating meditation or mindfulness exercises into your routine can provide clarity and reduce stress. Remember, healing is not always linear; it’s okay to have moments of vulnerability.

As Neptune, your ruling planet, plays a pivotal role this month, you might be drawn towards charitable activities or acts of kindness. While it’s great to be generous, also ensure that your own financial needs are secure. A good balance between spending and saving will serve you well.

Advice for the Month:
Embrace the fluidity of life. Just as the water reflects the sky, let your emotions reflect your surroundings, acknowledging both the highs and the lows. Trust in your intuition and use this month to focus on self-growth and deep understanding.


Horosope Gemini 06152022
Pisces Element: Water
Water signs are sensitive, highly intuitive, and deep. Theirs is the element of emotions. Water signs feel everything and can make wonderful artists because they are highly imaginative. They are very loyal and compassionate. The sensitivity of water signs can make Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces easily hurt and they may take things too personally. They can also be moody and highly suspicious.
  • Power Color Light Green

    Perfectly pale green brings about healing and renewal and connects Pisces with its subconscious. As the color of life, light green represents renewal and inspiration, encouraging the healing and rejuvenating energies that Pisces is known for.

  • Essential Oil Cedarwood

    Throughout the zodiac we see each sign ruled by a body part, working its way down to the feet where Pisces born experience bunions, corns and tired aching feet. To reduce the pain in their feet, many of those under this sign will use Cedarwood oil. With antifungal properties this oil also reduces the pain in arthritis of the feet and general foot soreness.

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