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No time for rest, Taurus, the New Moon in Leo (on July 28th) has hit your home area and signals a new chapter in family affairs, properties, relocations, and relationships with parents, as your appearance and behavior change. Outdated sides of your identity or lifestyle that you have resisted transforming have been shaken since April-May (and even since 2018). Mars conjunct Uranus and Taurus North Node and support you to act unconventionally, extraordinary, and even shocking to your calm nature. North Node in your sign is a fated gift from the universe that opens a gate to your path forward.

In no time, the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11th in your career and the public status area will highlight an outcome related to your goals and intentions. Completion or culmination in a public project, achievement, or change in professional direction, authority, or image are getting official. Clarifying discussions that are influenced by restrictive rules or formal outcomes at work and home can lead to events fueled by hidden or independent efforts. Authorities from your external environment could feel demanding, as they influence events in your personal life.

It won’t be an easy month at all, as the planet of money and love, and also your ruler Venus is in a tense aspect to Saturn and Uranus at the end of the month, directing your attention and focus to an issue from the previous two weeks. Established professional boundaries, rules, or people of power, will be the reason to change your behavior and personal approach via crisis in order to create financial independence and comfort at home.


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