How does the magic makeup eraser work?

How does the magic makeup eraser work?

The Magic Makeup Eraser is a cloth that claims to take off your makeup with just water – No cleansers, no chemicals. According to the official website, the cloth is made from specially knitted polyester and silk fiber contains millions of tiny hair-like fibers (each fiber is 50-100x thinner than a human hair) that works as a “suction” to lift all dirt, makeup, and oil from each individual pore.

magic makeup eraser

So how does the magic makeup eraser work? Friction. To lift the make-up from the skin, the fibers need to grip onto the make-up and pull it off. The greater the surface area, the more grip, and friction each wipe will have without you having to push down so hard.

How does the magic makeup eraser work?

If there’s enough friction, the make-up will lift off the skin, but then it’ll just be smeared around unless the cloth can grab onto it. Luckily, at a molecular level, everything is quite sticky with adhesive forces (the technical term is van der Waals forces). Because there are so many fibers, these cloths can bind to dirt and hold it better than a normal cloth.

The magic makeup eraser is like a washable face wipe than can remove makeup with just water.  Simply put, the fibers when wet create a hydro-mechanical process that breaks down the surface tension of the oils that bond makeup to your skin.

The magic eraser works reasonably well, especially on the go when you don’t want to pack a bunch of stuff.

Magic Makeup Eraser Instructions

Machine wash prior to first use. Fully soak your MakeUp Eraser in warm water. First, use the short fiber side to remove your makeup then flip over to the long fiber side (the side with the tag) to pick up anything leftover and exfoliate the skin. It’s recommended that you machine wash the sections once a week.  After you wash it, soak it in warm water, the warmer, the wetter, the better. Then use the short, fiber side to erase makeup in gentle, circular motions. Finally to exfoliate you want to flip to the long side. Continue in gentle circular motions. Again wash it weekly in your machine. You can wash it with a load of towels. It’s also fabric softener and dryer sheet safe.

After using your MakeUp Eraser for the night, wring out the excess water and hang to dry over your door or on your towel rack. Your MakeUp Eraser will be dry and ready for use the next day! Do NOT leave your MakeUp Eraser wet and bunched up overnight.



How does the magic makeup eraser work?

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