How long should intimacy last?

How long should intimacy last?

Have you ever really thought about how long the average couple has sex? The act could go on in romance novels for hours or even all night. But we all know that reality is quite different.

But let’s put facts aside for just a moment and talk about what we want, not what we get. If you had to say, how long do you think sex should last?


In a recent online survey, more than 1,000 men were asked how long they thought sex should last.

It was a Twitter survey, so the options were limited to just one question, but it did give rather interesting results.

Those asked were just talking about the act itself, not about any foreplay or cuddle time after This is just asking men how long they think it should last.

In reality, there is no perfect amount of time sex should last. It’s different for everyone. A 2005 study said it was around three to seven minutes. Another study found the average time was 5.4 minutes. But

This is rather interesting considering that, according to this survey, the majority of men think it should last at least 15 minutes.

So what about location? Well, there is a Twitter survey about that as well. Again, there are 2,300, mostly men, who responded.



A few years ago, Maxim did a similar survey, 3,000 women responded that the most appealing place to have sex is on a flight of stairs. According to their survey, the second hottest place to have sex is on a beach. But men? Well, apparently, they prefer the bedroom. I must admit, I’m surprised.

What do you think? Do the results align with your thoughts on the matter?

The perceived ideal duration for sexual intercourse and preferred locations significantly differ between men and women and, often, between reality and fantasy. Most men believe that sex should ideally last 15 minutes or more, a stark contrast to the actual average duration of 3 to 7 minutes. As for location, while women find the idea of intimacy on a flight of stairs or a beach appealing, men are more conventional, preferring the comfort of the bedroom. These findings highlight the gap between expectations and reality, underscoring the importance of communication and mutual understanding in intimate relationships.


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How long should intimacy last?

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