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How soon should you follow a guy on social media?

Dear Tracy,  I just met this great guy and we have been on two dates. Well, one real official date, plus we hung out for a few hours the first time we met, so that counts, right? He is really great and I was about to add him as a friend on Facebook when my BFF freaked out on me and was like OMG NO WAY! IT IS WAY TO SOON!  WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??????  Is she right?  How soon is to soon to add a guy you meet as a friend on Facebook?

Your BFF was right.  You just met this guy and by adding him as a friend on Facebook you are making yourself far too available to him.  You are letting him into your world way to quick.  If he brings up the subject and he adds you first then, of course, it would be okay to friend him back but for now, just relax, take it easy and let things progress a little more before you let him enter those other parts of your world.  You just met this guy.  SLOW DOWN!!!


I want there to be no confusion on this issue so I am going to repeat myself …


So how soon should you follow a guy on social media? The rule of thumb is not before you’ve had at least three dates or he follows you first.  If you haven’t had at least three dates then he might think you are coming on too strong and it could have a negative impact on the potential future of the relationship. Some people, who are far more conservative than I am, suggest you wait at least a full two months but I say if you’ve had at least three dates in that time, it’s perfectly reasonable to start following him on social media.

Just be warned that social media can have a negative influence on a romantic relationship. So think carefully before adding someone new into your social media circle because he may just judge you in a way you didn’t realize. That’s why it’s best to spend time with him in the real world, letting him get to know the real you, before following each other on social media.



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How soon should you follow a guy on social media?

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