How to be Friends with your Ex

How to be Friends with your Ex

Yes, it is true that break-ups are not, but it does get better, I promise!

If you are someone who has ended a relationship with someone with whom you shared a chunk of your life, then you are probably quite sad. It is an emotional rollercoaster and can be quite heartbreaking to go through, especially when you do not have the person with whom you share all your sorrows and happiness. After the storm has calmed down, it can get challenging to get back to being friends with your ex.


Since the history you have includes a different type of closeness, it can get a bit awkward when you both try to become friends. Seeing them platonically can be a bit hard, but if they were your best friend or your really close friend before getting romantically involved, then it’s time you reach out to them and rekindle the friendship that you both once had.

Here’s what we believe is the best way to become friends with your ex; let’s find out!

How to Be Friends With Your Ex? In 5 Simple Ways!

1.     Spend some time apart

When you start spending time apart from your ex, it allows both of you to take a step back. You will be able to get perspective on the situation and see things from a different angle. You’ll also be able to have conversations about what happened without the pressure of being in a romantic relationship.

Spending time apart from your ex is one of the best ways to get back together again and become friends once again. However, it is important to be patient during this process and not rush into anything.

2.     Let them know what your motives are:

You might have tried clearing your motives with your ex before, but did you know that it can help you to become friends with them?


Many people find it difficult to become friends with their ex. They might feel that they are not able to trust them or that they will always be in the past. Clearing your motives with your ex can help you overcome these feelings and make it easier for the two of you to become friends again.

Moreover, it will help you open up and talk about what happened in the past, which is a good way of getting closure and moving on from there.

3.     Get in touch again!

Getting in touch with your ex can be a difficult task. It’s not only about how to start the conversation but also about how to keep it going.

When you get in touch with your ex, you are able to have a better understanding of what they are going through and why they might have done what they did. You also get a better perspective on their personality, which can help you build trust and more closely connect with them. This will surely help you become friends with them again and get back the fun bond you guys shared prior to getting romantically involved!

4.     Define boundaries:

When you have a difficult time moving on from an ex, it is natural to feel the need to keep up boundaries with them. However, there are ways in which you can move past this and become friends with them again. When dealing with your ex, try to be mindful of your own needs and feelings. This will help you avoid the temptation of getting too close too soon.

If you are feeling lonely, try reaching out to friends or family members for support or talk about it on social media. If you’re still struggling after that, consider seeing a professional therapist. Doing these things will allow you to feel better and also give your ex a chance to show that they are willing to work towards being friends again as well.

5.     Do not go back if you still have feelings for them:

Going back and trying to be friends with your ex is not always a good idea. It can strain the relationship and cause unnecessary tension. If you have feelings for them, it’s best to just move on and focus on yourself.

When you break up with someone, there are typically two options: moving on or staying friends. But which one is better? The answer depends on how you feel about the person who broke up with you. If you loved for a long time, then it’s probably best not to go back and try to be friends with them because it can cause unnecessary tension in the relationship that could eventually lead to a breakup in the future.

Final Verdict:

There is nothing wrong with going back and being friends with you, but what is important is knowing where you stand. Yes, you may have shared a lot of moments that make you miss the friendly bond you both shared, but surely there were moments that led you both to move apart. Just keep in mind that now that you are becoming friends with them, they will be having relationships, and if you are ready to deal with that and get the friendly bond back, then there is no harm!

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How to be Friends with your Ex

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