How to End a Relationship and Move On

How to End a Relationship and Move On

Ending a relationship can be a very painful and challenging process, especially if the relationship is long-term. It is essential for us to be happy with our lives, and if your partner is not making you happy, it may be time to move on.

Do you want to end your relationship with a lover or spouse? If so, you need to know the etiquette of ending a relationship. Believe it or not, there are some unspoken rules about it.

If you’ve been with your partner for a long time, it is crucial that you take things slowly. You can’t just send them a text saying, “it’s over.” I mean, I guess you could, but that’s the worst way to end a relationship, especially if you’ve been with them for a while. Usually, if you’ve been with someone for a long time, they have genuine feelings for you, and a text is so impersonal.

Remember, that time together creates precious memories of the other person, and even if you are ready to move on, they might not feel the same way.

This is precisely why you need to break it to them slowly.

They might not realize there is a problem in the relationship. After a breakup, some people will feel extreme emotions, including anxiety, depression, and even anger.

Always take others’ feelings seriously, and do not toy with them. Breaking up should always be done in person, and if you want to avoid any risk to your person, make sure it’s done in a crowded area. You don’t know if your partner will scream, cry, or lash out. If they have a strong bond with you, you won’t be able to avoid breaking their heart. People can be very sensitive;  it’s part of what makes us human.

Now, before you break up, you need to find out why you want to break up. You should already know the answer by now. You might want to move on because your partner has been treating you poorly, or you’ve simply fallen out of love with them over time. Another example is getting married at a young age. In this case, you may not see your partner in the future you want to create for yourself, now that you’re older. Breaking up with someone you’ve been with will undoubtedly be a painful situation, but over the next while, you’ll slowly begin to move on from that chapter of your life.

For some people, it can take years to move on. This is because, in the dating scene, people constantly compare others to their ex. This is the worst thing you could ever do. Instead, focus on the positive traits of that person. You should also watch out for any warning signs. Moving on too soon is very unhealthy, and you won’t be able to enjoy your new relationship if you’re thinking about your ex.

How To End A Relationship

To end a relationship, you must think about what to say to your other half. They deserve that much, at least. Write down your feelings and why you want to move on. Be cordial about it. The worst way to break up is by shouting or arguing. Remember that you still need to be firm, though. Otherwise, they may step all over you and won’t accept the breakup. If your significant other is known to treat you poorly, this is best done in a public setting, or with others nearby and ready to help.

Here are some tips for ending a relationship:


Speak slowly and calmly when explaining your reasons for the breakup. You want to make sure your significant other understands everything.

Be firm in letting them know you are serious.

Meet them in person at the mall, a restaurant, or a cafe. This will make the situation safe in case they decide to have an outburst.

If you’ve simply moved on, let them know how much you care for them and that moving on will also hurt you as well. Showing your feelings is a great way to have it not escalate into an argument.

Tell them what you loved about the relationship, then move on to the problems in the relationship. By doing this, you don’t just highlight their bad habits but also what good you see in them.

Talk with them about being friends or not having any contact. You need to come to an agreement. Boundaries are essential in any human contact, relationship or not.

Discuss details when it comes to being around friends and family members. Decide on notifying both parties of the breakup.


If they try to start an argument, stay calm. Still, if things escalate, let them know you have to leave. Tell them you don’t wish to fight or cause a scene. Hopefully, they’ll understand and calm down before you go.

These are some of the most useful techniques to use when breaking up. In public, you will be in an area with many people around, so there is a smaller chance of having everything blow up in your face or having it escalate into an argument. Never have a friend or family member beside you, though, because this will be extremely embarrassing for the other person you are breaking up with, and increases the potential of things escalating. Instead, have them nearby, or wait outside in a car.

The A-Z Tips Of A Bad Relationship

We all know that In some relationships, people can be persuasive, manipulative, and downright abusive. If you are with someone who is like this, leaving won’t be easy, but don’t be fooled, either. They will most likely approach you and tell you that everything will change back to how things were before. It may even seem like they are sincere, with their bad habits fading away. Remember that this is all an act, and most people won’t change unless they genuinely love you. If they are acting the same way with their friends and only put up an act for you, it’s a sure sign that they are not interested in changing.

Some breakups are so devastating to the other person that they feel they cannot carry on in life. Their emotions begin to roll in, and they are a mess. Without you In their life, they feel lost. With an ex like this, you need to take the matter seriously. If anyone mentions suicide, always take them seriously. Keep chatting with them while dialing the police. These people can be extremely fragile when it comes to relationships. If they are faking it, your ex will quickly learn the consequences of lying about such a serious matter. Once police are called, they will escort your ex to the nearest psychiatric ward, which is also used for preventing suicide. You will be happy to know that your ex is safe. They may keep the person in there for 24 hours or one week. Counseling sessions are available if your ex needs to talk with someone.

If you have an ex that is manipulating, be careful of their words. They have a lot of built-up anger they won’t release, but they’ll show it in their actions. Blackmail is often used to frighten an ex who wants to move on with their life. Most of the time, you won’t be able to move on since you’ve built up a fear deep inside. You constantly worry about what your ex may say or do to your friends to get you back. If you are in this situation, you must take the risk. If they plan on doing something illegal when it comes to blackmailing, make sure you notify the authorities. These types of people are ruthless at best, and the best thing to do is avoid them altogether. This means changing your phone number, switching work locations, and even transferring to another school. Be sure to inform friends and family members who are safe and trusted of the situation.

Here are some A-Z tips for a bad relationship. These clues will help you get out quickly:


Being aggressive doesn’t just mean physically. It means pushing your boundaries relentlessly, forcing you into things, and always having to have the last words. Aggressiveness is not passion, and if you notice your partner is aggressive, the relationship is not one that is in your best interest.


Most of the time, blackmail can lead to low self-esteem. Maybe when you and your ex were intimate, they took some revealing pictures of you in your underwear. They say that if you leave them, they will send these to everyone you know. Someone who really loved you would care about your emotions, even if they can’t be with you.

Low Self Esteem

Being in a relationship that is physically or mentally abusive can dig a hole in your heart, causing low self-esteem. Instead of being the playful, cheery person you were before, you seem to walk around with your shoulders slumped. You don’t enjoy the things you used to do, and this low self-esteem will eventually lead to depression.


With a partner who is manipulative, they’ll pull every trick in the book to get their way. Whether it’s something small, like what you’ll watch on TV that night, or big, like convincing you not to go to that friend’s wedding, they feel as if they must get their way. This is not someone who cares for you. And when you attempt a breakup, they are sure to pile on this behavior with big promises of changing for good, and loving you forever.

Mental and Emotional Abuse

Being mentally and emotionally abused is just as valid and devastating as physical abuse can be. It often starts with name-calling, being made fun of, and even being humiliated in front of others. Let’s say your partner likes to call you names in front of their friends. They want to appear strong and in control. In reality, this is not a person who respects your feelings, and the abuse will get worse. Get out while you can!

Physical Abuse

Both men and women can be physically abusive to one another.  Physical abuse is severe and never warranted. If you are being abused, get away as soon as you can. If you have injuries from the abuse, document them and report them to local law enforcement. Don’t let them treat you like this. There are plenty of good men and women out there who will give you the dignity and respect you deserve.

The Strategies For Ending A Relationship Without Stress

The breakup process isn’t easy these days unless you stick to a phone call or text. What you need to do instead is dealing with everything in person. Never have a friend pass the message, and definitely don’t write about it. These are some of the worst breakups we’ve ever seen. Make sure you set up a date to see your boyfriend or girlfriend but don’t give them any idea you’re breaking up with them; otherwise, they may not want to meet with you.

Breaking up is never easy. I mean, even in the best of situations, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. Here are tips on what not to do when breaking up:

  • Never try to break up through a letter or text.
  • Do not let your partner know you plan on breaking up before setting up a date.
  • Never insult them or raise your tone while breaking up.
  • Never create an official announcement that you’re breaking up, because displaying someone’s pain for others to see is cruel.

If you want to keep a friendship between the both of you, it is a good idea to stay respectful to that person. This will give you a chance to still have a healthy friendship with them and stay away from incidents that could result in stress. Let’s face it – breaking up is awkward at best. Feelings someone has never had before can often surface, and it’s easy to explode when you find out the partner of your dreams is leaving you. You will often feel deserted, sad, and lost.

Also, realize that some people cannot stay friends after breaking up. If you dump your partner and they don’t want to be friends, you should accept this. The reality of them not being with you may just be too painful for them to handle. Over time, there is a chance it could get better. As they spend more time with friends, start working on their school papers, and enjoy life without you – there is a good chance that you could come back. Now, we mean to come back as a friend, and not a partner.

Options For Transitions, Counseling, And Guidance

Every day, hundreds of people break up for the wrong reasons. Either issue that could be solved with a bit of work, underlying problems neither of you spotted, or even not understanding each other’s love languages. These are all things that, with some guidance, could be resolved and lead to a long, happy, and prosperous relationship. And if not, well, there’s no harm in trying.

Patch Things Up

Let’s talk about the importance of counseling. By seeing a relationship therapist every week, you can let out your frustration or disappointment without arguments. This is a safe way of discussing everything in a civilized manner. The counselor is there to record your progress and also make sure it doesn’t erupt into a huge argument, which is what tends to happen when emotions are high. Most often, an individual won’t burst out because they are afraid of what the other person will think, which in this case, is the therapist.

Of course, it doesn’t always work out. But, you will both be better people with a better understanding of yourselves and each other for it.

Moving On

The best thing about moving on is that you won’t have them emotionally drag you to the floor anymore. If you are around someone who mistreats you, you will lose confidence in yourself. Surround yourself with people who are positive while moving on. You could hang out with a few friends to boost your spirit. By staying with your ex, you might even become depressed.

For example, if your boyfriend has already been unfaithful to you three times throughout the relationship – this will bring you down. You might even be thinking that there is something wrong with you. Am I pretty enough for him? The problem is not with you. Some men simply aren’t ready to settle down and change their habits. If they are younger, this is very true.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean going out and dating other people. Instead, focus on yourself. How can you change yourself as a person and develop good habits? By doing things like going to school, showing up for work each day, and hanging out with friends and family. Moving on means more time to take care of yourself.

16 Reasons Why You Should Move On

There are plenty of reasons why you should move on. They may be holding you down in life and keeping you from doing things in life that you’d like to do, or even preventing you from meeting a person who’s actually good for you. There is plenty of life ahead of us to see what’s out there. A lot can happen in as little as a few months.

Remember that sometimes we will move on for a reason. Even if you do not think you can move on from your partner, it will get better. Time always mends the heart. Even if you miss them after a few years, you will be better off for it.

  1. To experience new and better things in your life
  2. Live life to your fullest without feeling dejected by your relationship
  3. Enjoy your friendships more
  4. Get to know yourself
  5. Focus on your career
  6. Focus on your education
  7. Mend your family life and build stronger family ties
  8. Being free from harassment and abuse
  9. Being free from someone who does not truly love you
  10. Have the chance to meet other people that are good for you
  11. Focus on health issues and any mental issues you may have
  12. Surround yourself with positive people
  13. Learn to identify your emotions
  14. Stop being controlled and manipulated
  15. Take charge of your life’s goals
  16. Establish a safe environment for yourself


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How to End a Relationship and Move On

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