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How to find out if your boyfriend is on a dating site

How to find out if your boyfriend is on a dating site

Have you ever wondered if your boyfriend is on a dating app? Keeping an eye on a boyfriend is something that all girls do. Even in the most trusting of relationships, we sometimes wonder if our boyfriend is on a dating website. Hey, I get it. We all have those insecure moments.

Most girls do search for their boyfriends on dating apps to find out whether their boyfriends are using them or not.

In this quest to search whether their boyfriends are cheating on them or they do whatever it takes. Trust is one of the most critical pillars in a relationship, and if it isn’t happening in a relationship, there is no means of having a relationship. Although, things can always get better when both partners search for sensible solutions.

Searching for a boyfriend on dating apps is one of the most common things most girls do. To search for your boyfriend’s dating app ID, you can go various ways. We have compiled the seven most common ways to find your boyfriend’s dating profile.

7 Ways You Can Find If Your Boyfriend Has A Dating Profile

You can easily find some of the most common dating apps used in your city where you can search for him. If you are thinking of the same app that you both used when you two hung up, you are going in the wrong direction because he will fool them into thinking that he will be using the same profile and the same app.


Follow these seven simple ways to find out whether your boyfriend has a dating profile or not:

  1. Search Him In The Most Common Apps
  2. Search With His URL On Tinder
  3. Search With His Email On The Login Page
  4. Create Your Own Account & Seach For Him
  5. Search His Phone
  6. Confront Him Directly
  7. Search His Browsing History


1. Search Him In The Most Common Apps:

You must know all the common apps used in your city, so you can always start with those. Ask your friend or someone who uses such apps often to get an idea of the apps that are used in your city.

Search for him on the apps with his name or nickname to see whether he has a profile there or not. Sometimes, guys do go for dating apps that are not that common to avoid being caught, so it is better to go for other apps, too.

Check out this article to learn more on how you can find out if someone is on a dating site.

If you do find him there on any of the apps, confront him and let him explain his case. Sometimes, guys do that just to prank someone or for some of their friends to expose their girls, so before rushing to him, let him explain. If he cannot explain himself, then it’s definitely a sign that he was there to search for someone.

2. Search With His URL On Tinder:

Tinder is the most used dating app that has to be your first place to search for your boyfriend. Searching with the URL is the most efficient way, but you have to try it differently. Usually, guys do these kinds of things not by their names or the common URL they use with other activities.


You have to try using possible means and names that he might have used and use different nicknames, codes, or other names that he can use for his Tinder profile. If you find his Tinder profile, you can either play with him and approach him on Tinder to confront him there, or you can directly confront him for that reason.

3. Search With His Email On The Login Page

If you enter someone’s email on the login page, the system fetches the details and shows whether the person has an account on that dating app or not. You can try this with your boyfriend’s email by simply entering it on the login page.

He might have used someone else’s email, but you can surely give it a try. If you know some of its emails that he might not use, you often use them to find out whether he is on that app or not.

4. Create Your Own Account & Seach For Him

Another easy way to search for your boyfriend on a dating app is to create your own account, either with your own name or someone else, and search for him on dating apps. If he is using it, you will eventually find him there.

You can easily search for him by sharing the same interests and knowing his interests. You can also ask any of your friends to use their accounts to search for your boyfriend. Although finding someone on a dating app with thousands of users is not easy, there is still a good chance you caught him there.

If you find him there, you have the choice to either confront him there or talk to him directly by showing him his account.

5. Search His Phone

All the ways that we have discussed above do not involve anything directly with your boyfriend. Now, we will discuss some of the ways that involved going around him. The most common and the most effective way is to search his phone. If you have this kind of openness in your relationship, you can go through each other’s phones and then check them around him.

You can still check his phone when you can access it; he is not around. Check his apps and search for any dating apps. You can also check his emails because if he is using any dating app, the messages will be notified through mail.

6. Confront Him Directly

If you are not the kind of person that can go and use over-the-counter ways to check your boyfriend, the most effective way is to confront him directly. You have to be sure if you are willing to confront him directly. You have to have all the necessary evidence to confront him.

There are two ways when we discuss confronting directly. The first one is about talking gently and sharing your doubts; if he is a nice man, he would answer you gently and make sure you are satisfied with your doubts that there is no such thing. And if he is guilty of the charge you put against him, he will go hyper and just try to change the topic.

The second way is to get your evidence compiled, show him that this is what you are doing, and ask for the answers. If he has any logical explanation, he will satisfy you with his reason, and if he is guilty, he avoids having a talk and walks over to you.

7. Search His Browsing History

Searching for browsing history is one of the traditional ways that girls in the old days did, but believe us, it is still an effective way to search whether your boyfriend has a dating profile. It is not necessary that you find something about the dating profile. You can also find his search history about dating apps and some girls that he was stalking somewhere else.

If you find something there, confront him and ask him what he is doing with all that stuff and what he wants with his relationship with you. If you think he satisfies you with his answer, continue being with him or just get over him for someone good.

It Is Not Okay To Cheat

If you think that having a dating profile is something you can forgo, you are wrong. If you ignore these small things, you will eventually suffer more. Confront these things from the very beginning. Life always does justice to people, and you will find someone who loves you.


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How to find out if your boyfriend is on a dating site

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