How to get famous on TikTok

How to get famous on TikTok

The latest social media platform to skyrocket in popularity is TikTok. It went from being an obscure karaoke app to the top free entertainment app. TikTok may be the new kid on the social media block but its growth has been explosive. Now everyone is wondering, how to get famous on TikTok. TikTok is a social media site mostly know as an app where users use popular songs to make skits and lip-syncing videos.  Lately though, it’s grown to be so much more. People are posting all kinds of crazy fun videos about all kinds of things. It’s because of that explosive growth that people are asking just how to get famous on TikTok.

How to get famous on TikTok


Let’s take a look at what it takes to become TikTok famous.

Create Content Users Want To See

Teenagers make up 41% of TikTok’s user base so you should keep that in mind when figuring out what kind of content you want to make. If you make videos that appeal to those teenagers, you’ll have a much easier road to getting TikTok famous.

Truth is, no matter what platform you are on, if you want to get views then you need to create content that people want to see. That’s the secret sauce that you need to figure out – what it is people want to see.

Use Trending Hashtags

Make use of trending hashtags to improve the visibility of your posts. Use TikTok’s Discover page to look for popular hashtags and help you reach the right audience. Just make sure if you are going to use a hashtag you actually have relevant content. If your video is about makeup, why would you use a hashtag about life hacks?

You can also use trending hashtags to come up with content ideas. For example, if Halloween is trending, you can make content about Halloween makeup.


How to get famous on TikTok

Be different but not too different

Everyone talks about how you have to be unique to be special but the truth of the matter is, if you are to different you aren’t likely to pick up an audience. You need to look at what other people like and then try and create content within that category, only make yours somehow slightly different and unique to make it stand out.

For example, say glitter makeup is trending, you will want to make content about glitter makeup but you want it to be different enough that it will stand out from all the other people making videos in the same category. How about making yourself up like a glamour skull girl, using glitter and gemstones? That’s taking the concept of glitter makeup to a whole new level.

How to get famous on TikTok

Pick a Niche and Stick With It

When it comes to creating a TikTok profile, you want to pick a niche (or theme) and stick with it. Are you into dancing or makeup or crafting? It really doesn’t matter what niche you pick, just make sure that you pick one and stick with it.  There is a reason for this. If you want to be TikTok famous then you have to attract fans who are interested in something specific. If your content is all over the place you’ll never really be able to build up a solid fan base.

Be Consistent

Consistency is vital to your plan of becoming TikTok famous. You need to post content on a regular basis. If you post a random video here and there, then your account with never really gain traction. Some people say you need to post at least one video a day I’m not really sure if you need to post that often, but you should pick a schedule and stick to it. For example, you can post every Tuesday and Thursday or every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, or if you don’t have that much time, post only once a week but make sure you post on the same day every week.

Collaborate Your Way To The Top!!

One of the best ways to build up followers is to collab with others. If you do a video with someone else, you’ll expose yourself to that person’s audience. This is why when you pick a person to collab with, pick someone who makes videos similar to your own and someone who has more followers than you.

How to get famous on TikTok

Invest in Advertising

I hate to say it but if you can afford it, paying for advertising is the one sure-fire way to get famous on TikTik. By paying for it, you’ll get some real followers and fans. Not let me be clear here, I’m not saying you should buy followers. Trust me when I say, that won’t work. Fake followers won’t do you any good. What I mean is actually buy TikTok ads through the platform itself. The last time I checked they were charging about $10 for 1,000 video views and they require that you spend a minimum of $500. I know that can be costly but if you have the money to burn it is the one absolutely guaranteed way you’ll become TikTok famous because with paid ads your videos will be put in front of a ton of viewers. You know this for a fact because you paid for it to happen.

Don’t be afraid to dance

Listen, I get it, we aren’t all great at dancing and that’s okay but you shouldn’t be afraid to have a little fun in your videos and yes that includes dancing. TikTok users love dancing, so why not let loose, relax, and have a little fun sometimes. If dancing isn’t your thing, then think of other things to show your fun or goofy side. If you want to win people over they need to be able to connect to you and that means showing them you’re a real person.

Be sure and check out “How to be a Social Media Influencer,” which is now available at Amazon!

Be sure and check out "How to be a Social Media Influencer," which is now available at Amazon!

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How to get famous on TikTok

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