1958 Guide On How To Keep Your Husband Happy | A Christian Guide Book

1958 Guide On How To Keep Your Husband Happy

I love finding old articles and books about how girls should behave. Today’s find is a doozie. It’s advice from the 1958 Christian book How to Keep Your Husband Happy by Dr. William W. Orr.


This book tries to cover this topic in detail and breaks it into easy tips that are easy to understand. The popularity of this book is because it covers the perspective from a logical and religious view, supported by biblical teachings and sayings. 


The author Dr. William W. Orr. is famous for his books backed by religious teachings and Christian philosophy. 


We have broken this guide into ten easy tips that can help you understand the 1958 Guide On How To Keep Your Husband Happy. 



10 Tips From 1958 Guide On How To Keep Your Husband Happy


1. Devote More Time To Your House


You have to try to make your home more interesting, attractive, cheerful and a place of rest and relaxation. Take it as your job to create a place where you would love to spend your time relaxing and it makes for a cheerful being there.  


This is your duty to devote more time to your house and manage it as your job. 


2. Give Your Husband More Time With His Friends


Every man was once a boy who has his own friends who he socializes with before getting married and getting into his career. With his busy work, he barely gets free time, and when he gets it lets himself be with his friends. 


Make him socialize so that he can feel more relaxed and anxiety free. 


3. Cook Better For Your Family


Almost every woman cooks for her family, but to keep your husband happy you have to make it attractive and full of variety. Try things your family likes, and make it more creative and tasty. Try new things that your husband might like. 


4. Change The Way You Manage Your Household Finance


You have to manage your household finance like a business. Do your analysis to save more to be more economical with the best options. Try to invest in things that are productive for your household chores. 


5. Focus On Your Appearance


To make your husband happy you have to focus on your appearance. Be attractive to him like you used to before your marriage. Show him you prepare for him, men appreciate it when their wives get ready for them. Take care of your dresses, skin, hair, and your body shape. 


6. Show Your Husband How Well You Can Manage Home


Be supportive of him, cheer for his success, and show him that you can manage your house and manage small challenges on your own. This will relax your man to focus on his work and get his attention for his work with this trust that you will take good care of his house. 

7. Appreciate Your Husband For His Efforts


Appreciate your husband’s efforts and the hard work that he does to make your living better. It’s more about letting him know that you care and feel for his efforts and hard work. 

8. Manage Your Family


Manage your family, like your mother and relatives, to be absurd with him and show your courtesy to your husband’s family. Be nice to them and make your relatives be nice around him. 


9. Help Him Manage His Stuff


Have a sympathetic and intelligent interest in his business—yet leaving him a free hand, not criticizing associates or offering advice unless asked; and realizing that he must often give time to his business when you would rather have him give that time to you. 


10. Take Part In His Social Activities


Cultivate an interest in his friends and recreations, so you can make a satisfactory partner for his leisure hours. Be nice around his friends and take part in activities that he loves to do. 




These tips may help you make your husband happy. It is always about how you manage your man and care for him. When you love and take care of him with your heart he will definitely be loyal to you and make you happy in return. 


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1958 Guide On How To Keep Your Husband Happy | A Christian Guide Book

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