How To Keep Your Husband Happy

1958 Guide On How To Keep Your Husband Happy

I love finding old articles and books about how girls should behave. Today’s find is a doozie. It’s advice from the 1958 Christian book How to Keep Your Husband Happy by Dr. William W. Orr.

How To Keep Your Husband Happy

1. Do you try to make the home interesting, attractive, cheerful, a place of rest and relaxation—devoting as much thought and study to that as you would to a job?


2. Do you encourage your husband to go out frequently with his men friends, though it means leaving you home alone?

3. Do you serve meals that are enticing in variety and attractiveness?

4. Do you handle household finances in a businesslike way?

5. Do you keep yourself attractive (though not offensively so!) in appearance, in order that your husband may be proud to have everyone know you are his wife?

6. Are you a “good sport”: cheerful and uncomplaining, punctual, not nagging, not insisting on having your own way or the last word, not making a fuss over trifles or requiring him to solve minor problems that you should handle alone?

7. Do you bolster your husband’s ego, not comparing him unfavorably with more successful men but making him feel that he is the most successful man you ever met?

8. Do you prevent your mother and other relatives from intruding unduly, and show courtesy and consideration to his own relatives?

9. Do you take a sympathetic and intelligent interest in his business—yet leaving him a free hand, not criticizing associates or offering advice unless asked; and realizing that he must often give time to his business when you would rather have him give that time to you?

10. Do you cultivate an interest in his friends and recreations, so you can make a satisfactory partner of his leisure hours?

1958 Guide On How To Keep Your Husband Happy

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