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How to set healthy boundries in a relationship

Setting healthy boundaries is vital in any relationship, especially early on with a new partner. That being said, even if you’re already in something long-term, it is never too late to get started. It takes a lot of work but is entirely worth it if you want to provide you and your partner with a sense of mutual respect, trust, and support. Here are some key habits to keep in mind as you strive to build a solid foundation in your relationship! 

Be Honest About Your Needs


Everyone is unique in terms of what they need and expect out of their partner. It is crucial to be open and discuss these needs, especially if you feel that they are being neglected in some way. This goes both ways too; meaning you must listen when your partner is expressing their own needs. A good aid in this would be understanding and utilizing one another’s love language, which you can read about in the novel The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

Give Space When Needed

Although spending time together is important, having time for yourself should always be a priority as well. Don’t be afraid to let your partner know when you need some alone time and do not take it personally when they ask for the same. This will go a long way if you can take space away from your partner without feeling negatively about it. You should always do what you can to maintain your autonomy and avoid becoming codependent. 

Take Responsibility for Your Actions

    We are all human and make mistakes from time to time, but a key part in handling these mistakes is taking responsibility for them. If you try to shift blame or make excuses, it will only lead to mistrust in the future. If your actions lead to your partner being hurt in some way, you must take ownership and figure out what you can do to avoid it from happening again in the future. 

Communicate with Respect

    There are no two people in the world that are exactly the same. You will have different views and opinions on things from time to time. It’s entirely normal! But you must communicate about your differences respectfully. There is no resolve in fighting, name-calling, or talking down to one another. Some good tips are to use “I” statements and speak when you are calm and not when you are in the moment and emotional. 

Show Gratitude 

It is hard to remember that you are appreciated, especially when you’re in a routine and not being reminded often. Of course, you appreciate your partner, but they can’t read your mind! The best way to show someone you recognize all of the positives they bring to your life is through your actions. Buy them a small gift, write them a letter, or pick up their dry cleaning. I promise the thought alone will be enough to let them know that you cherish them. 

Communication is the key to a happy relationship

Being patient, reliable, and communicating will allow you to have healthy boundaries and a sense of respect for one another. If you and your partner truly want to have a healthy relationship, then working on these key elements will give you the tools that you need to do so. 


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How to set healthy boundries in a relationship

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