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How to tell someone you love them?

Love can be a really scary thing, but it can also be really beautiful in how it offers us a sense of support and comfort. The beginning of a new love is always such a great experience, although it can incite some fear. Especially if you’re unsure of how the other person feels! 

So let’s say you’re seeing someone new, and it’s getting pretty serious. You feel butterflies in your stomach when you’re around them and your cheeks hurt from smiling too much. As you watch them just being themselves, that big “L word” is dancing around in your head. How do you tell them about how you feel?


Be Sure of Your Feelings

Sometimes we can get caught up in a moment that leads to us getting ahead of ourselves. Before confessing your love for someone, you should definitely take some time to sit with your feelings and be sure of them. Understand what you’re wanting out of your relationship with them, and be honest with yourself about why you feel the way that you do. 

Avoid Saying it Too Early

Everyone is different, of course. But if it has only been a few days or weeks, perhaps you should consider not being too serious too soon. Love is a big feeling to share with someone, and it could make the other person a little uncomfortable to talk about it early on in the relationship.  That being said, you can’t always be so sure of yourself when you’re still getting to know someone. Slow down and give you and your potential partner some time to learn more about each other. 

Pick a Good Time and Setting

The time and setting are very important when it comes to talking about your feelings. 


Find a neutral space to be in, such as out on a date. It doesn’t have to be romantic necessarily, but a quiet and at least semi-private space would be ideal. Take a walk after dinner, or maybe bring it up as you are about to part ways after spending time together. Either way, be sure to pick a time when the mood is light-hearted and where nobody feels like they are being backed into a corner. 

Don’t Be Dramatic

Once you decide to tell them, avoid making a big deal out of it or getting overly emotional. Rehearse what you might say, so that you can help ease any nervousness you’re experiencing. If you are dramatic in this instance, it could be overwhelming to the receiver and make it harder for them to respond in a genuine way. 

Don’t Pressure Them to Say it Back

It is vital that you do not put any pressure on them to say it back, especially right away. In an ideal scenario, they would be able to do so. But they may ask for time to respond or tell you that they aren’t ready. That is completely valid, and it does not mean that they won’t ever reciprocate your feelings. That being said, you have to be prepared for them to give you any answer and be okay with it. 

All in all, confessing your love to someone is a very exhilarating moment. Have the courage to do it no matter what the outcome may be, because it is always a much better alternative to holding it all in. You may be surprised by the end results! 



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How to tell someone you love them?

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